Library of Fragrance Mountain Air: Just What We Need


If your Christmas was like my Christmas you may well be 80% cocoa solids and 20% red grape right now. The presents that I took three months to plan, order, wrap and hide, have all been opened and post Christmas hibernation has set in. I have a hot cup of tea and life is good.  I hope yours is too.

mountain air1

But what is this I long for? What could it be?  Could it be that I now covet fresh air, pale skies and a good stretch of legs that have seen nothing more energetic than elasticated pyjama bottoms lately?  Well until I get to my local mountain ( and being in Wales, it’s really not far), there is always Library of Fragrance Mountain Air.

It was their CEO’s idea and was inspired by his trips to snowy, crisp Alaskan  mountains.  Seeing as it’s dark already and after 4pm, I can’t yet have my Julie Andrews moment and pop up the Mynydd Maen.  However Mountain Air is refreshing, airy and light.  It has a crystalline quality that captures the spirit of fresh air and ozone. It stays fresh too, with just a light finish of violet leaf,  which gives it a slightly metallic wet tang, like a raindrop on tin. This freshness and zingy optimism makes it perfectly unisex, as all perfumes are if you ask me.

Mountain Air will blow away the cobwebs and also makes the perfect hangover scent.  Not that I would know…


Library of Fragrance Mountain Air is available from the Library of Fragrance website which is currently having a very tempting sale.  Branches of Boots also carry a range of Library of Fragrance scents too if you’re out shopping.







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