Goya Black Rose: Hello Again

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Goya Black Rose, like Aqua Manda, went away and came back again, and I’m so glad it did. Thanks are due to Beauty Brand Development who had the good sense to bring it back to a willing audience. They also had the good sense to send me a sample.  I am very grateful indeed. Opinions are my own.

The brainchild of Douglas Collins, Goya Black Rose, Aqua Citra and Aqua Manda were created in the 50s and 60s respectively and were a great hit until dwindling sales led to them being discontinued.  Gradually the hum of longing for the good ole days of these classic fragrances reached the right ears , and all three scents have been brought back, using the same formula, with the cooperation of Christopher Collins, son of Douglas.


Rose perfumes have been done in a thousand ways, for all budgets and throughout all trends and eras.  So what makes Goya Black Rose worth buying and trying in a market where Roses are prolific?

It’s a dusky rose that’s teamed with green notes and something retro- like those rose breath sweets.  It’s not quite Turkish Delight and it’s definitely not jam.  It’s a feminine pink rose with big waxy satin petals.  It’s the kind of rose that goes with a twin set and pretty shoes. But it’s more complex than that.  Just as you think you have it labelled “classic, feminine rose” here come the cloves!  Now there’s spice and a daring edge to it.  Add a peppery geranium or two and then soften the whole thing with a pretty white musk flourish and you have Goya Black Rose.

There’s something almost borderline foodie about this- maybe it’s the cloves, but it has a tang of bitterness  that complements the pretty florals which makes this a good girl with a dark side.  I’m just relieved that in this case foodie doesn’t mean saturated with vanilla, and for that I am jolly grateful.  In fact, I would call it an almondy finish.

Goya Black Rose is elegant, beautiful and classic and I’ll gladly call myself a fan, whilst drenching myself in it.  It makes me want to trot around town wearing smart gloves and saying Good Morning to passers by.  Longevity is great.


Goya Black Rose is very reasonably priced- you can start with a purse spray if you’re not sure ( I LOVE a purse spray!) and you can buy it for around £15 for 15ml  on allbeauty.com or just under £40 for a big 100ml bottle. You can also try Amazon UK

Meanwhile elsewhere…

The Perfume Society has a lovely article about the Goya fragrances right here.


4 thoughts on “Goya Black Rose: Hello Again”

    1. Margaret you are very sensible. I have been stung by many a blind buy and you never make all your money back when you resell it on eBay!

  1. No mention anywhere of Goya’s Meadowsong, in its opaque white glass bottle and pale blue packaging adorned with hippieish daisies and poppies. I think it was the summer of 1973 when you couldn’t open a classroom door at my school, without being blown backwards by the smell of it! I loved it – it was somehow sweet and sharp at the same time, and I think was meant to smell like new-mown hay.
    I understand, however, that it was one of Goya’s biggest flops (maybe 13-year-old girls aren’t the biggest spenders) and it was quietly withdrawn, never to be reincarnated.

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