Library of Fragrance Pipe Tobacco: Indulge in Alchemy



I have reviewed many Library of Fragrance scents now and I remain a big fan.  The reasons I love the brand are twofold: You can pick out your favourite notes and wear them alone ( Musk #7 is  a good start or Iris), or you can do a bit of perfume DIY and layer different notes over others until you find a  favourite combo. Either way, at £15 for 30ml, it’s win/win.


Today I am reviewing Library of Fragrance Pipe Tobacco and it’s sort of a two pronged review.


Firstly- Pipe Tobacco on its own smells authentically like Pipe Tobacco.  This naturally, won’t come as a surprise to you, but Pipe Tobacco on its own is a rather appealing smell, and if you ever pass that rare thing, a tobacconists, then do pop in and sniff the air.  It’s a kind of toasted dry woody scent with hints of richness and dark fruit.  It reminds me particular of a wonderful old tobacconists in Exeter called McGahey.

During my university days there, my friend Pippa and I would go and buy posh cigarettes to go to a ball with ( This was in the 80s when smoking was trendy and often done alongside cheap red wine whilst wearing too much LouLou).  St Moritz would be a favourite as they had a posh cover and gold foil on the filters and were by appointment to one of the European Royal families that you find in Hello Magazine ( but I digress).  Inside McGahey the shelves were wooden and the jars were see through and it always smelled like an old wood panelled study. In fact, I did occasionally see a professor in there.


Pipe tobacco may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I found a lot to like about it.

So here’s the second prong of my review:  layer Pipe Tobacco over Library of Fragrance Mahogany and you have a gorgeous woody, spicy, dry scent that made me swoon.  In fact, ( and purists will pelt me with tomatoes for this)  it reminded me of Serge Lutens Chergui when layered together. You have here notes of the aforementioned toasty warm woods, whiffs of hay, the faintest hint of liquorice, spice, dark oak and tobacco.  Together they are dynamite. Worn together yuou have the most terrific woody Autumnal combo with a masculine edge that smells a lot more expensive than it costs.

When people throw tomatoes at you, make chutney.


Library of Fragrance Pipe Tobacco and Library of Fragrance Mahogany are available from the website.  Boots also carries a range of Library of Fragrance scents at £15 or £25 for two.

2 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance Pipe Tobacco: Indulge in Alchemy”

  1. I’ve been looking up reviews of the Library of Fragrance range, so I can get a better idea of the fragrances, and stumbled across this post/your blog. It’s because Exeter Boots only has a handful of the fragrances in store, so it’s lovely to stumble across this and the McGahey’s mention, I was curious about Pipe Tobacco, and McGahey’s is what I thought of what I read the description of the scent.

    I think I’ll give it a go 🙂 thanks for a lovely blog which I’ll be looking through now in more detail, and also for faith in this range 😀

  2. Dear Lily

    Thank you so much for your kind words about the blog. You have excellent taste if you choose to live in Exeter. I spent six happy years there. A wonderful place. It looks like you and I have two things in common – Exeter and Library of Fragrance. It’s such a refreshing brand- it lets you make your own way and mix and match and I really like being treated like a grown up.

    I hope you find much to interest you here on IScentYouADay and I thank you for your kindness ad loyalty.

    best wishes

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