Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto


Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto is not to be confused with the magnificent Manifesto by Isabella Rossellini, of which I’m a big fan

I knew nothing about YSL Manifesto before trying it today so had no preconceptions.  I generally like most if not all YSL fragrances though, so I had high hopes.  High hopes that were dashed.

I know all too well that they don’t make all mainstream perfume just for me:  if I don’t like a scent that doesn’t make it bad, but this lemon meringue pie of a scent was all wrong for me.

Despite containing lily of the valley, jasmine, bergamot, blackcurrant, vanilla and Tonka bean, all I could smell was vanilla and creamy lemon pie, with maybe a blackcurrant coulis- a mere trail a la nouvelle cuisine.  This smells so much like dessert that I simply don’t want it on my skin.  Years of mopping up after messy sons have put me off smelling of food so I’m not really a gourmand fan.  I have mellowed recently and  lost many of my perfume prejudices by keeping an open mind, but smelling of lemon syllabub is a step too far for me.  Oddly enough there are no lemons in this at all, but then again, I couldn’t find any lily of the valley or jasmine either: they were supposed to have turned up but ended up being a no-show.

My overall impression is that Manifesto doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be.   It’s not quite a gourmand, not quite a fruity floral, not a chypre, not a floral.  It’s just a sort of a mash up.

Of the two Manifestos, I’ll be voting Rossellini.


YSL Manifesto is widely available .  You will find it in Boots, Amazon UK, House of Fraser and Debenhams to name but a few.   Overseas you can try Sephora or Amazon.com


3 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto”

  1. Because practically all mainstream perfume is undeniably a pile of shite. I can’t even be bothered to smell them anymore. You are brave for even allowing them on your skin.

    Thanks for making me remember the word ‘syllabub’ though. An ex-pat forgets these things (incidentally, a lemon meringue gourmand is making me want to try this in a way: it might be just up my street).

    1. I agree with you: certainly all the new stuff leaves me unimpressed year after year. It’s still possible to get good stuff on the High Street, but I honestly can’t think of one new release that would make me part with money. Ooh hang on – I quite liked Clinique Aromatics in White and Boss Jour Pour Femme last year, but that’s about it mainstream-wise. Loads of great niche though…

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