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Excuse me a minute whilst I gush like a fan.  The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are my new guilty pleasure.  In fact, I don’t even feel guilty.  They are my new obsession and The Perfume Society haven’t asked me to say so.  I am besotted.

shadersYears ago, when I was a slip of a girl (many, many years ago) my late grandmother gave me a wonderful Christmas gift.  She had decorated a little basket with some fabric remnants, making a frilled lining, and filled it with beauty bits and bobbins.  In it were bath cubes, setting lotion, a sachet of Shaders and Toners (remember them?) bath pearls and various other mini delights.  It was such a cornucopia that I eked it out for a long time and have never forgotten what a treat it was to receive.  I’ve had nothing like it since, but the old feelings came rushing back when I received my first Perfume Society Discovery Box a few months back.  I’m now on my fourth and the thrill has not dissipated.

There is always a book of sniffing strips, postcards with notes about each perfume and discussion prompts in case you want to get a perfume club going ( and I do), and then last but not least, there is a selection of seven or eight perfume samples, often hard to get, and usually an “extra”, which in the past has consisted of Liz Earle skincare, Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream,  and L’Occitane Roses et Reines hand cream.


This month I have the Beautiful Blossoms Discovery Box and it contains: a quad of Yardley floral EDTs,  Miller Harris Couer de Jardin, Fragonard Jasmine, Jimmy Choo Blossom, La Perla Peony Blossom, Ruth Mastenbroek Amorosa, Agonist Isis, Chloe Love Story , Philosophy Amazing Grace and Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream.


I can sit there sniffing away of an evening with the TV on, blissfully trying stuff out for my blog and feeling very much in my element.  It also means my sample selection has expanded in a way that makes my eyes light up like a miser in a goldmine.

So this isn’t a review of a perfume, but if you like perfume, these Discovery Boxes will save you a traipse round a  High Street smelling of so many perfumes you can’t remember the name of the one you liked.  Or they might fill a very pleasant evening of wrist sniffing whilst watching old reruns of House MD on Netflix with a  cup of tea.  Like what I do. Bliss.


The Perfume Society Discovery Boxes are available on the Perfume Society website for £15, although subscribers get first dibs and a discount.


7 thoughts on “The Perfume Society Beautiful Blossoms Discovery Box”

  1. I liked hearing about the little treasure basket your grandmother gave you as a Christmas gift once. What a good idea! I also enjoyed reading about your Perfume Society discovery box, I’m in the US, so must find out if we have something similar here. (Of course, I always have lots of perfume samples waiting to be tested by me, so maybe it would be too much of a good thing!)

    1. Thank You Mary, and thank you for taking the time to comment. You are warmly welcome to IScentYouADay!

      The Perfume Society is fairly new, but here’s hoping they will go global one day!

      warmest wishes

  2. Totally on board with the multi mini gift pack Sam, your Grandmother knew how fun it is. We have done that right through my life. Little bits of lavish all packed together and useable at different times, we also add in little chockies too.
    I wish we had such a thing as the Perfume Society. You have given me an idea, let’s see how far I can run with it
    Portia xx

  3. Tell us more about your ‘perfume club’ idea Sam – i’d like to hear your ideas – if of course, you are free to talk about them.
    Isnt it funny how childhood memories are always there and something comes along and ignites it all again! My love of perfumes comes from an aunt who worked in a chemist shop and always brought me lots of lovely bottles and half full bottles of perfume. I would love to work in a fancy perfume shop advising people, but i’m afraid i’m neither knowledgeable nor pretty enough!! In the meantime, i have wonderful friends who send me beautiful things to sniff!! XXX 🙂

    1. Hi Patsi,

      Always a pleasure when you drop by!

      My perfume club idea is that I will get Lisa and her friend together over wine or cake and spread our respective goodies over the table and talk perfume- like a book club without having to read the book. The Perfume Society also has advice for people wanting to do this and I do believe they will send samples and notes and do a bit of match making in areas where people want to join one, so that’s another idea I might try.

      I love to hear people’s memories of perfumes and how they got into it all. Your Aunt sounds like a star. I am sure you would be more than knowledgeable and pretty enough! To be honest, some SAs wear so much make up I find it quite distracting!

      warmest wishes

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