Library of Fragrance Daffodil: Happy St David’s Day!


 Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi!

It’s St David’s Day today and what could be more appropriate than Library of Fragrance Daffodil?  They really do make a scent for every occasion and they were kind enough to send me a bottle of Daffodil in time for my country’s National Day of Welshyness. Today I will be making Welsh cakes and watching my son roll his eyes at my terrible Welsh.  He may be 8 but his Welsh is considerably better than mine, despite my being Welsh 36 years longer than he has.  If you’ve never been to Wales,  I urge you to consider it.  I have so many favourite places I could tell you about that I’d have to start a whole new blog about it.

photo by World of Oddy. "Look! Daffodils!"
photo by World of Oddy. “Look! Daffodils!”

Unusually for a Library of Fragrance scent, Daffodil does not smell exactly like a daffodil, and I say unusually because Library of Fragrance has never sold me short.  If its says Snow on the bottle, it smells of snow.  I tested Thunderstorm on the children without telling them what it was, and they said “it smells like when its really rainy”.

But somehow, Daffodil just misses the daffodil mark by a whisker, but is still a delightful spring time scent, so no tears before bedtime.

It starts off with a definite hint of narcissus ( the teeny daffodil) i.e it has a greenness about it and light floral tone, almost honeyed, but it just misses that slightly hyacinth-y hint that you get from sniffing a fresh daff. (and don’t get yellow pollen on your nose like wot I have done).

However, despite this small bump in an otherwise lovely hedgerow, I think Daffodil will be a good steady seller because it’s a playful and modern scent that will appeal to the young perfume consumer.  It is light, sweet and floral and ends with a very slight fuzziness, like the skin of a peach, only sharper.  There is a hint of honey which puts this on the outer spectrum of gourmand (which is all the rage these days my dears), and I think that anyone hoping for a daffodil fragrance  will like this pleasant floral anyway.

It reminded me a little of two other yellow flower perfumes that I am fond of:  Gianfranco Ferre Essence D’ Eau and Chloe Narcisse.  I was particularly attached to Chloe Narcisse when it was first launched back in the nineties and wore it for about a year.  Both fragrances are chock full of sunny yellow flowers, which smell more honeyed and richer and pollen-y than say, white flowers with their narcotic creaminess.

So Library of Fragrance Daffodil– would I recommend it?  Yes.  Spring is coming and daffodils are always heralds of this.  LOF Daffodil is still a scent full of playful  optimism, and that’s always a good thing.

I think it may be safe to put the winter patchoulis away.  Dare I hope?

Here are some gratuitous photographs of my beautiful homeland.

Beautiful Harlech
Beautiful Harlech
The banks of Lake Cwm Buchan
Photo by World of Oddy: Wishing Pool in Portmeirion
Wishing Pool in Portmeirion-Photo by World of Oddy



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