Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengeance: Roses in Yer Face



 Lady Vengeance  from Juliette Has A Gun immediately makes you feel all feisty just by reading the name, so I cannot use delicate watercolour analogies her, nor would I, since sillage and longevity is nuclear.  No shrinking violets here.

Lady Vengeance was included in the utterly incredible Perfume Society Love Scents Discovery Box (more of which anon) which this month contains a selection of fragrances themed around The Mighty Rose. Very apt with February 14th looming ahead.


On first spray, Lady Vengeance bashes you about the face with a bunch of roses like a jealous lover. This Bulgarian rose has a pepperiness about it, and a dried rose petal waft, like pot pourri, which runs parallel to the fresh, soft dewy rose petals which are also there.  I also found a hint of nuttiness in it, which for a brief moment brought to mind Tauer PHI Rose de Kandahar.

The middle phase seems to pay homage to Narciso Rodriguez For Her for about half an hour before the rose rallies back wearing several different faces and carrying a hint of spice and amber.  This may well be the effect of the Ambroxan and the ISO E super rather than the inclusion of any spice or actual nuts and cloves.

ISO E super is a synthetic note used widely in modern perfume and it has the effect of making a scent “fuzzy” round the edges with an ambery/woody hint.  It is used very widely in men’s fragrances but, as I found here, when used with the right lightness of hand, it can give depth and a classy finish to a hardcore rose/patchouli/vanilla mélange like Lady Vengeance.

(There is an excellent article on Fragrantica about ISO E Super which was my source).

Juliette Has Gun Lady Vengeance has loud sillage and atomic lasting power.  Roses and Patchouli mean business and they showed up on a motorbike.  It is almost too much for a morning, but I wore it to the 9.15a.m. PTA meeting anyway.  Like me, it becomes more ladylike once the morning is over with.

Stockists:  You can buy Juliette Has a Gun from the website in France, or in the UK from Selfridges and Escentual.  In the USA you can get it from Amazon.com and in Canada from Amazon.ca.

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