13 thoughts on “Top Ten Rose Perfumes by IScentYouADay”

    1. Hi Genevieve and thanks for dropping by! I haven’t tried that one but on your recommendation i shall give it a try next time I am out and about.
      best wishes

    1. Hi Megan, how are you?

      Incense Rose had me at hello. It’s incredible how many rose perfumes Andy can make and they all have a completely angle to them. And doesn’t it last a long time?

      Have a good day

      Sam 🙂

  1. The new Rosie at M& S is pretty nice and at only £14.99 is a bargain. However my No 1 Rose is Vero.profumo’s Rozy followed by Serge Luten’s La Fille da Berlin. The range of Rose Perfumes is truly phenomenal when you think about it 🙂

    1. Hi Mags, Thanks for the tip off- I have seen Rosie advertised but haven’t tried it yet. There is some in my local branch so I shall pop in. As for La Fille de Berlin- I have reviewed it on and found it terribly cold! I admire it, but didn’t warm to it. I agree with you though- there are endless rose fragrances once you start thinking about it.

      best wishes

    1. Hi Chris,

      Always lovely to hear from you. Pretty in Pink is a knockout that I am recommending to all my friends. The price is right too.

      best wishes

  2. Have you tried Comme une Evidence L’Extrait de Parfum? I thought you had “enabled” me to that one but I cannot find a review here. Must have been another of the dangerous enablers… Either way whoever drew my attention to it has my eternal gratitude! Anyway, as you are Madame Chypre du Pays de Galles, this is a top notch rose chypre in the footsteps of Paloma Picasso (yet lighter and more playfully rosy) or pre-reformularion Odalisque by Patricia de Nicolai. And at the unbeatable Yves Rocher price point! Truly amazing.

    1. It may well have been me, dear bella. I have reviewed the intense version. It is a wonderful floral. A friend of mine bought in on holiday and she smelled so good in it that I couldn’t stop sniffing her! (she’s used to that). I love Yves Rocher. Really great value and high quality! xx

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