Byredo Inflorescence: Spring in December



After all the excitement of hosting the Andy Tauer Advent Calendar, I am plum tuckered out.  It was wonderful to read all the great comments that readers left: they varied from hilarious, to eclectic and back again.  So many lovely stories were shared, thank you.

So now I am back to normal and scenting you a day again. The word I was looking for yesterday, and which eluded me until today, was incongruous.  Today I am reviewing a scent that may seem incongruous in December as it is so filled with Spring flowers.

Byredo Inflorescence is white flowers to the power of a hundred.  In fact, I was amazed there was no tuberose here and had to do some serious jasmine sniffing in order to figure out what I was smelling here.  Inflorescence is all the white flowers EXCEPT tuberose, but you find its ghost in there, since it is so often with its sister jasmine.

The top notes are freesia and rose.  The middle notes are magnolia and lily of the valley and the base is simply jasmine.  Byredo Inflorescence is so startlingly rich that it almost has a salty tang in the opening.  It has a vegetable-y tang that just stops short of going into celery territory, but which is by no means unpleasant.  It’s the same sort of apex that you get when tuberose gets so rich that it starts to smell as if it were made of double cream.

As Inflorescence dries down and settles, the lily of the valley comes to the fore.  The overall accord is one of rich, rich, sweet white flowers with nothing else to take away that silkiness.  No woods, no moss, and no patchouli:  This is all flowers and nothing else.  The effect is like eating lunch in a hot, flora filled greenhouse.  The tang is everywhere, and pure and spring like.

So why am I reviewing this in December?  Well, because I like it and because it is so rich that I think it passes muster for a winter perfume as well as a spring scent. Its been on my coat sleeve and on my clothes and I keep catching rich floral wafts as I move.  A rather lovely reminder of warmer times and climes.


Byredo Inflorescence can be bought  online from Strawberrynet  or from Liberty in the UK, and in the USA, you can get it from right here and in Canada from  here.

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