The Tauer Advent Calendar Day 21: Scent-vs-Event


 I am deeply honoured to be asked to be included in the now legendary annual Tauer Advent Calendar and I have tidied up in anticipation of new visitors.  So, wearing my best frock and having put the Hoover round,  I would like to warmly welcome you to IScentYouADay if you are new here, and give you a fragranced hug if you are a regular.

Today I’d like to talk about slightly inappropriate places that you have worn perfume.  I’m not talking about body parts here:  I’m talking about the time I ended up wearing Tauer Carillon Pour Un Ange in Legoland Windsor.  It was crowded, hellish and noisy.  As I meandered around at a snail’s pace (which is the maximum speed you can go) I was hot and bothered and reached into my handbag for any cologne.  Luckily, I had my trusty Tauer sample tin on me and chose my favourite, Carillon Pour Un Ange.  Instantly I was transported to a green oasis of Lily in the Valley scented calm among the hotdogs and chaos.

So this leads me to the question, what’s the most unexpected combination of scent and circumstance that you have experienced? What inappropriate scent you have ended up wearing?  Was it Bal a Versailles at parents evening?  Or something playful at a funeral? Or do you just wear the most expensive scent you own when you know you have to do a horrible job?  (Chanel Cristalle to put the bins out?  That’s me!)  There’s no right or wrong answer and winners will be picked randomly. Details will then be passed on to Tauer HQ.

 The draw is worldwide.  Some exceptions apply: Italy, Spain, Croatia, Russia, Greece (we cannot ship there)

Happy Christmas! or as we say in Wales, Nadolig Llawen!

147 thoughts on “The Tauer Advent Calendar Day 21: Scent-vs-Event”

  1. Once I liberally spritzed on Songes then jumped in my car to pick up my young son from school. He has always suffered from seasonal allergies, and that day we learned that too much perfume in a small space can trigger about 100 sneezes. Oops! Thankfully, we were close to home and the benadryl.

  2. once i’ve accidentally picked my husband’s atomizer, instead of mine. all the day long i couldn’t understand why i smelt so badly.

  3. Well, I wore L’Heure Bleue one day at the gym just because I needed something to make me feel better and chase the stress away. Otherwise, I don’t use to wear perfume in weird circumstances 🙂

  4. First time to comment on this blog, but not the first time to read. Last year I had brought several samples with me to an over-night stay at a hotel., In a rush before dinner in the evening by mistake I sprayed on a very citrusy scent (Cristalle) instead of AdP Gelsomino Nobile. Cristalle felt piercing and sharp, it is not something which sits well on my skin in warm temperatures. I have since taken more care what I wear to dinners, theatre and the like.

  5. I don’t ever think in terms of mismatches. I wear what I want, when I want, I don’t think it is ever an issue. I did wear Incense Rose once to work though and overwhelmed myself, so maybe that counts

  6. It was actually a Tauer perfume, Rose Chypree, which I love, but for some reason I decided to wear it on a day when I had a meeting in a very small room with a lot of people. It is powerful stuff! I did get one derogatory comment, but the person did admit that he had also upset his wife by asking her what awful air freshener had she sprayed in his car, when she was wearing her favourite perfume.

  7. I can’t really think of a good example of this. I did once sneak a few spritzes of my Mom’s Chanel Cristalle edp when I was little. I tried to wash it off but I couldn’t. The smell stuck to me so I spent the rest of the day keeping my distance from everyone, terrified of being caught for my crime.

  8. Well I oversprayed Angel before an interview and could see that the interviewers definitely noticed,it seemed to get stronger and stronger as I got hotter,I didn’t get the job !

  9. Wasn’t wearing my glasses and so enveloped myself mistakenly in a large spritz of Carnal Flower just before going into a concert at the Wigmore Hall. I was not a popular member if the audience.

  10. The first day I wore Annayake’s Matsuri.

    I have a specific anosmia which I learned the hard way. I got the aforementioned fragrance because it smelt small and warm, held onto the skin and was generally inobtrusive. I applied it generously because I liked it and it wasn’t too heady and pervasive… but it was. Several people told me that I’m stinking up the space when I barely smelled anything.

  11. Hello! I spritzed on some Acqua di Gioia once before going to the doctor, and the one person on the elevator with me actually waved his hand in front of his nose while standing impatiently in front of the doors. That was a bit mortifying! Another time quite recently I wore Maroc pour Elle on a train and then got into a taxi with two coworkers. After we got out, one of them commented that the car really smelled. I’m still wondering if it was me or the taxi. Thank you for hosting this draw! I’m happy to come across another perfume blog!

  12. I’ve worn lots of strong perfumes ( Incense Rose, Portrait of A Lady, Musc Ravageur etc) in inappropriate settings like meetings, cars, job interviews etc, but the worst reactions I get are when I try Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oils, which are usually way too strong, and I end up nauseated and full of regret, smelling of cheap chemicals and incense. Their descriptions are too tempting and I never seem to learn my lesson!

  13. I work in an office where fragrance has to be kept subtle and not offensive to others, so I let my freak flag fly on the weekends. It is not unusual to find me wearing my very best (and biggest) perfumes to go grocery shopping or to the thrift store – think vintage Jolie Madame, Lelong pour Femme, Shalimar, Tubereuse Criminelle, and of course L’ Air du Desert Marocain. A few weeks ago I got a compliment from a clerk at Trader Joe’s – I was wearing Aramis Perfume Calligraphy Rose. Thanks for hosting the Advent calendar today!

  14. I will wear a fragrance that is marketed to men when I am at professional conferences or even busy days at work (I am a woman). There is nothing like Caron’s Pour un Homme or Old Spcie to get the guys at work uneasy. This is a good thing. They tend to be better behaved when they are thrown off and I love the way men’s fragrances smell as well

  15. I usually try to match my fragrance with activity, especially going to dinner or a yoga class…I have had both ruined by other people’s overpowering scent.
    But the only negative comment was from my husband about something he had bought me for Christmas- Seville a L’Aube!

  16. I love wearing male scents which can sometimes cause sniffers to double take. I don’t believe a scent is either male or female just nice or not!

  17. being that its winter i thought it was cold outside and thought “yes i can finally wear coco!” i sprayed myself and then got my son to take to the park only to realize it was a freak 60 degrees out. ugh. i stayed away from everyone at the park that day!

  18. I wore scent while working in a bloody Emergency Department–not a swear word–but literally bloody, which is a very metallic scent. The Vetiver Danse was wonderfully calming in another wise wild place.

  19. It was just me at home, I was wearing Ava Luxe Tokion which is a sweet incense scent, when I ate my lunch of tunafish it clashed horribly. I wanted to gag. I try to pay more attention now to how my scents and foods interact. After all, tasting is dependent on smelling. Tokion would be a great accompaniment to a spicy Thai dish. Tunafish would be better matched with something citrusy, like Il Profumo Mandarine.

  20. One really hot summer day I was trying out Chanel No. 5 EdP, and after struggling with a toddler/carseat/stroller/loading/unloading on a shopping trip I have to admit that I ended up drenched in sweat and needing a shower. The scent combination was weird, since Chanel No. 5 reads elegant and almost a bit soapy to me, and I was anything but.

  21. Not drastic, but: One Saturday this Autumn I only had household chores, so I went with several sprays of fragrance (Annick Goutal’s EAU D’HADRIEN). Later on though I had to pick up my son at his friend’s, and I ended up talking to the friend’s dad in their yard. It was a warm day, and it felt like the perfume was POURING off of me. Standing next to a “regular guy”, the whole time I was thinking, “Oh man I smell so PERFUMY!”

  22. I wore Coco Eau de Parfum through much of high school. In retrospect I was a bit ahead of my time I guess. 😉 Thanks for the draw.

  23. I wore several spritzes too many of Musc Ravageur… had to roll the windows down on the car and have a wash when I got to my destination.

  24. I take samples with me the mornings I go to the gym before work, so I accidentally “overdose”, especially with new perfumes. Since it is after the shower, trying to wash it off or at least tone down is not really an option.

  25. Sometimes I go fishing with friends. I usually wear something fabulous and feminine like A la nuit or Amouage Gold to balance this unfaboulous occassion.

  26. I was working for an NGO in Malaysia and was sent on a project to Sabah, one of the two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. So what did I wear all three days? Lutens Borneo 1834, of course!

  27. Poison at a small dinner party. Nobody said anything but I can smell it throughout the night and I was very self conscious about it. I don’t know what I was thinking. 🙂

  28. I mistakenly applied Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger before going to work and then was called into a morning meeting in a small room. I’m sure people thought I had not showered.

  29. Yay, happy you also got to carry one of the draws in Tauer Perfumes Advent Calendar.

    I think my sin was wearing around 8 sprays of Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense to a business meeting. That Prada has some edge and it makes me feel good, I couldn’t help it

    Thanks for the draw

  30. When i First began exploring vintage scents I had spritzed on Mitsouko before a half hour treadmill workout. Yech. Perhaps because of this I still cannot find love for this classic!

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