The IScentYouADay Fragrant Top Ten of Everything 2014

2014 has been a prolific year for launches and perfume news and I thought I would take a break from all the frenzied wrapping and posting and reflect on what my fragrant highlights were from the past year.  These are in no particular order- I am equally delighted with them all! In 2015 I am looking forward to seeing more from Papillon, 4160 Tuesdays, and of course, the launch of the latest Tauer  which I believe will be Sotto La Luna Hyacinth later in the year.  Stay tuned my fragrant friends!


  1. Visiting 4160 Tuesdays and meeting Sarah McCartney.

Yes, Lisa Wordbird and I actually got to nose* around the 4160 studio and sniff lids with the Maestro.  An unforgettable day, in which I left clutching my beloved new bottle of Tart’s Knicker Drawer in its posh tin.

*nose around! Accidental pun!


at Les Senteurs
at Les Senteurs
  1. Visiting Les Senteurs in Mayfair

The pavements were too posh to walk on, and even the Christmas lights on Elizabeth Street were understated and classy.  Les Senteurs is like a carefully curated Aladdin’s cave for frag-heads.  This to me, was as Willy Wonka’s factory was to Augustus Gloop.  Everything I’d ever read about was here, and some I hadn’t even heard of.  It’s Nirvana for Perfumistas.

sotto la luna

  1. Being featured on the legendary Tauer Advent Calendar for 2014

What a privilege!.  Andy is never less than courteous and generous to Tauer fans ( and there are many of us, right?) and it was a great honour for my blog to be chosen to “host a post”. – watch this space on the 21st December!


  1. Finding Gucci Envy on Amazon UK    

It’s right here! I’m about to bag my second bottle so that I’m not so scared of wearing the first.


  1. Reviewing Secretions Magnifiques. Never. Again.

See my earlier post if you are still on the fence about Etat Libre D’Orange Secretions Magnifiques.  And how could you be?


  1. Discovering the flowery botanical world of Cath Collins

In a quiet pocket of beautiful Devon, Cath Collins runs a bijou business where flowers rule the day.  With reasonable prices, and beautiful ingredients, Cath kindly sent me some samples and I reviewed Lily Fandango, Morning Flowers and Flowers of the Orient.  Here’s the website link.

download (1)

  1. Papillon Perfumery launched!

Papillon started small but good with only three scents (for now). I was kindly sent samples of all three- Angelique, Tobacco Rose ( see my earlier reviews) and Anubis.  No weak links here- all are superb and I am the very proud owner of a full bottle of Angelique.  It was love at first sniff.  I predict big things to come from this little outfit.  ( …and I have just found my Anubis sample after looking everywhere so watch this space for a forthcoming review)


  1. When Marks and Spencer became my Go-To Perfume Bar

Yes, even my teeny local Marks and Sparks has obligingly started to stock Fragonard, Monotheme and Roger & Gallet.  I’m afraid I stride past the Perfume Shop now, in my hurry to try more stuff in M and S.  Such reasonable prices too.


  1. The Library of Fragrance launched in Boots in September

At last grown women are trusted to mix’n’match instead of being fed the same old same old. Library of Fragrance has an eclectic selection of scents that are good enough to wear alone, and classic enough to mess about with and blend yourself.  It doesn’t make us perfumers, but it does give us a bit of autonomy.  If I want more musk in my perfumes, I can do that.  If I’m missing  a plain, unadorned Jasmine scent to layer over other stuff, I can get that too.  It’s like a little fragrant playground after being force fed  ready made rent-a-scents.

Copy of sparklycitrus

10. And then Avon got good…

I have been a Moaning Myrtle about Avon in the past.  A year or so ago I was on a downer with their fragrance range and had experienced far too many disappointments.  However, something has changed: either them or my attitude- and I even ended up doing a top ten.  Yes, there are at least ten Avon fragrances that I would happily own, and upstairs on my dressing table are Avon Citrus Burst, Tahitian Holiday and Little Black Dress. I particularly warmed to Avon when they listened to their customers and brought back Timeless.

Oh and don’t get me started on the three new Avon room spritzes I have in Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Magnolia.  They are terrific.



So there you have it.  Ten perfume highlights of my year.  What were yours?

4 thoughts on “The IScentYouADay Fragrant Top Ten of Everything 2014”

  1. I like your ten #1s. I think my highlights were 1. Finding a very reasonably priced bottle of Jour d’Hermes. 1. Getting a wonderful box of samples from a very generous swapper. And 1. Going to the Scent Bar and meeting Portia, even though I was struck by a fit of shyness after finally arriving.

    1. Hi Laurels, sorry, i thought I had replied but I see that I haven’t. Many apologies. I love your highlights- I think they would be my highlights too! Oh and don’t be shy.. (but I know the feeling!) Happy New Year and thank you so much for your loyalty and kind visits. Warmest wishes Sam x

  2. Great Top 10. What a fragrant year for you. The Andy Tauer hosting is very exciting – I left my comment – fingers crossed. That Sarah McCartney sounds like a bit of a hoot as well and am looking forward to your review on Anubis. Have a great Xmas.

    1. Hi Megan and thank you as always for dropping by. Yes I am looking forward to writing up Anubis- I liked what you had to say about it. Liz Moores is definitely a nose to keep an eye on, if you’ll pardon the pun. Do excuse the late reply, I thought I had replied to all comments and I don’t like to leave a comment unanswered! A very happy New Year to you and thank you so much for your loyalty and input this year. warmest wishes Sam x

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