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You may have read my previous reviews of 4160 Tuesdays scents.  If you haven’t here’s a recap: Sarah McCartney, former editor of the LUSH Times, decided to go rogue and create her own perfume line.  The line is based on the adage that if we all live to be 80, we will have 4160 Tuesdays.  Sarah uses hers to make perfume.

The press attention and general bonhomie towards 4160 is snowballing and Sarah is no longer just the darling of discerning perfume fans and the perfume blogger. In fact, I have called her the Doctor Who of Scent as her fragrances can transport you to another time and another place.

Friend of the blog, and of me, Lisa Wordbird talked me into attending the 4160 Tuesdays Open Day on Friday 28th November, so after some epic juggling of child care and husband-y work start times, we packed our sandwiches and hit the road.

Framed quote at 4160 Tuesdays

We could tell that No 8 Issigonis House was 4160 Tuesdays because it was the only unit with snowflakes in the window.  We were warmly greeted by the Great Randello himself, and walked into an inviting 1970s parlour, replete with bookshelf, naice china, and the smell of coffee.

I knew what Sarah looked like as I had seen her photo many times, but what photos don’t capture is that she crackles with energy and wears fantastic shoes. We were treated to tea and nibbles (there’s the naice china- I thoroughly approve) before going up to the bat cave where it all happens.


You know what children go like when they enter Toys R Us?  That doesn’t come close to me and Lisa in the 4160 Tuesdays workshop. Each bottle from the range was arranged around a wheel of scent, which places them in an order by genre.  The scents were soaked into an unglazed porcelain disc which was then placed at the bottom of a rather lovely glass tea cup, straight from the mid Seventies.  It is an excellent way to really get a good snort of a perfume before trying it, is far more effective than a paper strip, and involves less commitment than trying on skin.


In between, Sarah chatted about raw ingredients and EU regulations, which isn’t as dull as it sounds and really does affect the face of the perfume industry today.  She could easily go on Mastermind about this without having to swot up.  Before we knew it we were sniffing lids of the raw ingredients.

Galaxolide: beautiful soft white musk, like a baby rabbit’s tail.

Civet: Phew! Old man who smokes too much and never washes ( i.e in my opinion, Serge Lutens Muscs Khoublai Khan) and finally…

Castoreum: obtained from beavers and with a lovely clean leather finish.

I couldn’t stay away from the famous Wall of Scent, which Sarah uses a teaching tool for  Wall of Scent days and other themed days where you can sniff’n’learn ( I am hoping to go on one in 2015).

Just a small section of the wondrous Wall of Scent

My dears that cupboard!  There were perfumes I knew, perfumes I’d never heard of, perfumes I didn’t know you could still get and perfumes I had been dying to try but could never find.  I tried some vintage Diorella- this is something you cannot ever get to do in a normal shop.

Sadly time ran away with us, so we only managed a taster session today (and a delicious plate of pie of mash), but as we left with our purchases from the Naughty Box, we vowed, (hopefully in not too sinister a manner) that Sarah hadn’t seen the last of us.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back.

You can find out more about 4160 Tuesdays from the website. Fragrances are long-lasting, high quality and always beautifully packaged.  Sarah McCartney’s novel, The Scent of Possibility is available now from here .  My hard copy is signed by the author (smug).


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