12 thoughts on “The IScentYouADay Smellalikes List, updated for 2017”

  1. I can definitely vouch for the Yves Rocher So Elixir being a dupe of Coco Madamoiselle. Very cool list. I’m quite keen to try the Madonna perfume to if it is so close to Fracas and the Ferre as well. Love O de Lancome. That is soooo good.

    1. Hi Vanessa, always a pleasure! Lidl could really do big things with their perfumes but they only seem to do Limited Editions (apart from Madame Glamour). With Lidl Suddenly Diamonds I couldn’t find it anywhere near me and had to write to the Press Office to review it in the end. They assured me that they wouldn’t be making any more, which is a big shame. Please make more Lidl!

  2. These lists are fun, and they are enough to get you thinking about whether you are spending wisely. I agree on Cristalle and O de Lancome, although for me the latter is surprisingly oakmossy given the restrictions on oakmoss. A while back I spent some time trying to decide which one to go for, Cristalle or O, but in the end couldn’t decide so bought neither. That’s the best thing to do in those situations!

    1. Hi AnneMarie and my apologies for this tardy reply. Mea culpa. Thanks for commenting. I agree that common sense should prevail in such situation but the devil on my shoulder always tries to tell me to buy both! I can recommend Jade by Yardley- it is currently under ten quid and is a dead ringer for Cristalle!

      best wishes

  3. Interesting info. I was certainly happy to find that my $20 CDN (11 GBP) 100ml of Lovely turned out to be a good bargain smell-alike for Narciso Rodriguez EDT, though I find the Lovely a little drier. Also hoping the Yardley Jade will show up locally as I have loved and worn both Cristalle and O de Lancome.
    Feel free to do more smell-alike posts in the future. :-)

    I think the pictures at 13. and 20. either booted your text or included themselves in your numbering.

  4. Hi Lindaloo,

    Always a pleasure! You are quite correct- there is a formatting error which I tried to correct so many times that in the end I decided to leave it rather than lose all pictures again! I’m glad you like my Smellalikes- I do keep updating them and its great to get feedback- so many thanks!

    best wishes


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