Carthusia Fiori di Capri: A Grande Dame Indeed



Carthusia is a relatively new brand to me- you may recall my earlier review of the rather lovely Carthusia Capri Forget Me Not. Today I am reviewing another jewel from the range: Fiori di Capri.

Rumoured to have been worn by none other than Jackie O herself, who invented chic, the perfectly cut trouser, and gigantic sunglasses, Fiori di Capri is a traditional 70s style chypre in the same vein as Chanel No 19.  It opens with spicy florals, green notes and  a good blast of vintage-y powder ( think Parfums Caron).

The flowers are abundant and heady, no fly-by-nights here: carnations, iris, roses, tuberose, jasmine, gardenia, hyacinth and cyclamen.  These are thickly woven floral notes that need to be strong so that they don’t get overpowered by the cloves, incense and Oakmoss that follow.  The harmony makes for a powdery, heady mélange that could stand proudly next to Guerlain Chamade or Caron Parfum Sacre.  Longevity is good at around seven hours.

 Stockists:  in the UK, you can buy Fiori di Capri from Liberty .  It’s a good price at £60 for 100ml.  It sounds a lot but you get a nice big bottle and the ingredients are high quality.  In the USA you can buy the Carthusia range from NeimanMarcus. Sorry, but I tried really hard to find where you can buy this Canada and failed you.  Sorry my dear Canadian cousins, I have let you down.



2 thoughts on “Carthusia Fiori di Capri: A Grande Dame Indeed”

  1. Canadians can find Carthusia scents at The Perfume Shoppe (bricks and mortar in Vancouver and online across Canada). They have the Fiori di Capri in both EDT and parfum as well as in body lotion and shower gel.

  2. Lindaloo to the rescue! Me and Canada are very grateful. Carthusia is definitely worth a try and not the most expensive compared to similar “posh” brands.

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