One Direction: That Moment (Eau de Parfum)



The boys continue to roll from strength to strength, although Harry’s hairdresser appears to have been made redundant.  Out now in all the Christmassy splendour of the magical world of The Shops is One Direction That Moment EDP.

Imagine if you will those very chewy penny sweets called Fruit Salad, then add some apple shampoo and you’ve pretty much got One Direction That Moment. This is one of those occasions when the notes don’t match the scent at all.  On paper I would have been eager to try this:

Top notes: apple and grapefruit

Middle notes: jasmine and violet

Base notes: musk and woods

Sounds great doesn’t it?  I like every single one of those notes but couldn’t find a single one in the end result.

However, this was not made for the likes of me and somewhere, someone will be delighted when they get a bottle of this.  Fruity florals don’t smell so bad on young perfumistas, but to we more…er…grown up ladies, they are like wearing a mini skirt and a mid riff top.  Great on someone, terrible on me.

One Direction That Moment is nothing new at all.  It’s a low cost (£9.99) bottle of the same old same old and no barriers have been broken.  It does the job that is expected of it and people will like it and buy it.

However, I just want to rave about one thing: the bottle is absolutely gorgeous and I completely love it- sparkly fake diamanté and faux glass stopper and pink glass and all.  Bring it on, it’s gorgeous.  I can’t help myself.  I want it shrunk and made into jewellery.

Stockists:  One Direction That Moment is widely available out and about, but if you want to buy it online you can try or Lloyds Pharmacy online . It’s worth shopping around though as I have seen the exact same bottle vary in price from 9.99 up ot £28 depending on where you buy it.  On it pays to buy the 100ml bottle at only £12.48.  In the USA and Canada you can buy it from or


3 thoughts on “One Direction: That Moment (Eau de Parfum)”

  1. With a ten year old daughter we are well into the 1D world now. They’re not her cup of tea – she’s a Katy Perry and Jessie J girl, now getting into Ed Sheeran as well. But she does wear and love perfume and while I’m wary of which of my fragrances she borrows (her fave is L’Heure Bleue, the tasteful wee creature!), she can splash on as much of her own collection as she likes. That’s because hers are all either sweet vanilla or fruity ‘lolly water’. She has had Kung Fu Panda, Arthur and the Invisibles, The Frog Princess and Tweety Pie perfumes in the past and is currently sporting Rapunzel eau de toilette. You can trust Disney to keep things light and fruity and to eschew the sexy musks and any hint of ‘ooh la la’.

    1D edt sounds perfect stocking-fodder for the devoted fan, or any young lady who likes to splash it on before the school bus arrives in the morning.

  2. Ahh, your little perfumista is her mother’s daughter in the loveliest of ways! You could definitely buy her this. The bottle should be shrunk and made into earrings for me. I can assure you also that it is ideal for a ten year old girl in that it is not remotely sexy, provocative or come hither. It’s more lolly water, but not too bad for that.

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