Panache Mademoiselle: The Simple Pleasures

panache mademoiselle


Panache is one of those drugstore classics that I think is due a revival.  It’s a floral aldehyde that lasts twelve hours and  my little 3.99 bottle has lasted me nine months (disclaimer:  I don’t wear it every day or it would have run out sooner!).

The actual bottle of Panache I ordered for myself- its lasted nine months!

Panache Mademoiselle is nothing like the original, but I happen to love it.  At only 4.25 on, you would think you would run the risk of not getting value for money.  Not so.  Panache Mademoiselle reminded me very much of Estee Lauder Pleasures and the longevity ain’t bad at all, especially when you factor in the laughably cheap price.

It opens fresh and clean and floral and stays light throughout every phase.  There is allegedly strawberry, but thankfully this isn’t sickly and doesn’t have any of the candy floss that many commercial market leaders have right now over any High Street perfume counter.

There is always the worry that a perfume as cheap as this will smell cheap, but in this case I have smelled a lot worse for a lot more money.  I would happily wear Panache Mademoiselle all day in all situations and it would make an ideal every day work perfume.  It would also make a great gift or stocking filler and would be just right for a teen.

Milton Lloyd are doing great things right now and this is one of them. More to come!


2 thoughts on “Panache Mademoiselle: The Simple Pleasures”

  1. I didn’t know there was a flanker to the original Panache. I remember Panache, and have a bottle, from when it was still with Lentheric. Feminine, a bit powdery, a bit sweet, but with a dash of oakmoss that distinguishes it from the Issey Miyake, CK1 and Pleasures crowd. In its own times it must have seemed a ‘clean’ scent, but clean then still encompassed the idea of the human body. Not so any more. Anais Anais is another reminder of how our ideas of what is suitable for a teen have changed.

    I had not heard of Milton Lloyd until you started blogging about the company.

    1. Hi annemarie

      Thanks for dropping by. I must say that Milton Lloyd were off my radar until I saw they were the latest handlers of the Tweed name. When they made a Tweed flanker I was all ears and they very kindly sent me some samples to try.

      What i like about them is that yes they are cheap, but they are good, wearable scents. You don’t always get that at suspciiously low prices so i’m a new fan.

      If you have a bottle of old Panache by Lentheric then I hereby declare you to have great taste!

      best wishes

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