Crabtree and Evelyn West Indian Lime Cologne: Summer’s Still Here



It may be September and it may be getting cooler, but there is always, always a place in my heart for a good cologne.  Trusty Crabtree and Evelyn have come up with the goods in creating West Indian Lime Cologne.

 My understanding of the word cologne is that it will be refreshing, usually have botanical ingredients and will freshen you up but not last very long.  West Indian Lime Cologne covers all those points except for longevity, where it excels.


I had a lengthy squoosh in my local House of Fraser today and I can confirm that four hours later it is still going strong.  The Lime is gorgeously fresh and smells zingy and clean as a brand new freshly ironed handkerchief.

 Although  designed for men, when it comes to a revitalizing and classic cologne scent such as this one, I am first in the queue, biting the ankles of the tall people to get to the front.

 Top notes: Lime, lemon, mandarin, Middle notes: Nutmeg, coriander, rosemary, Base notes: Patchouli, sandalwood, orris.

 What I get on my skin is a slow and steady long release of lime and  mandarin, with no rich nutmeg to speak of, but a hint of patchouli in the long limey drydown.  It’s fantastic and suitable for use all year round.

 The price is right too at £30 for 100ml and it’s widely available from Marks and Spencer on most High Streets, on if you’re in the USA and  in House of Fraser.  It may be cologne but it has the lasting power of a very good eau de toilette.  In fact it outlasted Jennifer Lopez Rio Glow which was on my other arm and has all but disappeared.

 If you can’t justify £30 on scent this near to Christmas (yes it is- only three more paydays!)  then do my tricky trick of buying it for the man in your life and using it yourself (whilst looking like a generous and tasteful gift giver).  Bwah ha ha!- That’s my villain’s laugh.


2 thoughts on “Crabtree and Evelyn West Indian Lime Cologne: Summer’s Still Here”

    1. I quite agree. So often in men’s fragrances there is a common note in the base which i’ve mentioned before- like a synthetic metallic tang which everyone seems to use. This nice lime number has none of that and does what it says on the tin. I adored it and would happily wear it myself.

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