Creed Love in Black: Pure Elegance



As you may recall from my recent review of Creed Love in White, I was under whelmed by Creed’s offering, but Creed Love in Black is a different matter.

First of all, on first application (I have a splash sample) it bursts with violets: beautiful sweet, woody violets.  I adore violets and it’s a safe bet that I will enjoy any scent that has them.  However, as you can imagine, this is no one trick pony and the violets segue into a darker more serious fragrance as the cloves emerge in the middle phase.  Cloves don’t always agree with me:  whilst they provide the kind of heat I often seek out, I find they have a burnt edge to them, as if at the bottom of a scorched mulled wine pan.

They are blended beautifully with the violets here though and give the violets a more serious, even sombre edge. The combination of the cloves and violets together frames the Iris, which is prominent, and the base notes dry off into a long lasting and intriguing burst of flowers that are both spicy/rich and delicate at the same time.  The rich Bulgarian Rose rounds things off nicely.

Rather charmingly, Creed Love in Black was inspired by the life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis: still the epitome of cool elegance even years after her death.  Were she alive today, you would never, ever find her taking a selfie. (take note Mrs K.West of Los Angeles).

 Creed Love in Black has the overall effect of restrained prettiness with a hint of spiced wine (probably the cloves reminding me of Christmas) and whilst I like it and enjoyed wearing it today, I probably wouldn’t go as far as spending over £100 on it.  It would make an elegant and distinctive signature scent for the right woman.  I like to think Jackie would have loved it.

4 thoughts on “Creed Love in Black: Pure Elegance”

  1. I got a bottle of this on eBay for (still a lot of money!), and kind of regret doing so. I love the soft, elegant drydown, but the opening has a weird rubber note (conjuring up the violets, I think) that troubles me. I could top up your stocks if you miss the sample when it is gone!

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Yes it’s not cheap is it? I might take you up on your very generous and kind offer one day, as I work my way through three giant boxes of samples to review! I am slowly but surely figuring out my favourites. But do you think I can narrow it down to one for my Christmas Wish List? No chance.

      best wishes

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