My Top Ten Favourite Avon Fragrances


photo by totallymystified on Flickr
photo by totallymystified on Flickr

In the past, I may have mentioned before that I find Avon a bit hit and miss as far as fragrances go, but I have noticed a definite change lately. Whilst I still question the relentless frequency of new launches, every now and then they come up trumps and deliver the goods, and this has been happening more frequently of late.  The strongest quality in Avon’s favour is the price.  Competitive doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Sometimes the low budget really shows, and sometimes you may find that you have in your hands a genuine bargain.

I also like that they listen to their customers.  When Timeless was discontinued in 2012, Avon customers clamoured for its return.  To their credit, Avon listened and brought it back earlier this year.  I like it when that happens.


In the last six months, I have tried a number of Avon fragrances that have really impressed me.  When you think that they usually cost around between £5 each when on special offer or £13 for two at full price , then the value is unimpeachable ( only Premiere Luxe reaches the dizzy heights of £14, but it reminds me of Armani Si).  However, the question remains- at these prices do you have to compromise on quality?  Well the answer is yes and no.

pretty peach

One range that I don’t get on with is the Today Tomorrow Always range.  I have tried them all and don’t like any of them.  They seem to have a flat synthetic base note in common that seems to disagree with my skin.  Full marks for gorgeous heavy glass bottles and glossy packaging though. I know the range has many fans, so it may just be me.

Avon 1968 from Mew Deep on Flickr
Avon 1968 from Mew Deep on Flickr

Avon, if you are reading this, thanks for years of fond memories of trusty favourites such Eau Givrée, Foxfire, Charisma and my first ever perfume, Pretty Peach.   Many a childhood Christmas was enhanced by novelty soaps almost too pretty to use and pretty perfume bottles and all sorts of wonders that my mother and grandmother ordered for me from their Avon lady.  For all those memories, thank you.


And one last point- please can we have Avon Odyssey back in our UK brochures?  It’s available in the USA and we would like it too.  Thank you very much. As you were.


You may have noticed that here at IScentYouaDay I like to slip in a Top Ten every now  and then,  so here’s my Avon Top Ten. Prices vary between £5 and £14.


1. Avon Little Black Dress: A light white floral that keeps its shape: gardenia and honeysuckle with a woodsy finish


2. Avon Timeless:  created in 1974, discontinued in 2012 and bought back by popular demand in 2014.  Ambery spicy and powdery.  A winter treat.


3. Avon Premiere Luxe: A fabulous chypre with blackcurrant, gardenia and woods.  Could pass for something three times the price on the High Street.


4. Avon Soft Musk : A classic floral musk that lasts for hours and costs the same as a bottle of wine. (in Lidl)

soft musk

5. Avon Tahitian Holiday: Reviewed earlier in my blog.  A coconutty white floral. Perfect for hot weather.  The poor woman’s Bronze Goddess.


6. Avon True Life For Her: A light and pleasant rose/peony combo ideal for everyday casual wear and cheap as chips.


7. Avon Eternal Magic: a dead ringer for Lancôme Hypnôse for a fraction of the price

eternal magic


8. Avon Rare Diamonds: reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and even Narciso Rodriguez For Her. Nice bottle too.


9. Avon Summer White Sunrise: a change from the norm for Avon: a refreshing floral scent with notes of pear and orange blossom.

Avon UK
Avon UK

10. Avon Far Away: not my personal favourite but I couldn’t leave it off the list.  This is Avon’s bestseller and I know several people who adore it.  It’s rich with Vanilla, coconut , sandalwood and floral notes. It’s instantly recognisable, and a customer favourite.



And sneaking this one in on the end in the hope that our friends at Avon are reading this…

Top Ten of fragrances I Would Love Avon to Bring Back

1. Avon Eau Givrée

2. Avon Odyssey

3. Avon Charisma

4. Avon Foxfire

5. Avon Ophelia

6. Avon Rare Rubies

7. Avon  Topaze

8. Avon Tasha

9. Avon Casbah

10. Avon Ariane



photo from saltycotton on Flickr
photo from saltycotton on Flickr




26 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favourite Avon Fragrances”

    1. Hi Shelly and welcome! I couldn’t agree more. Avon used to make some real treasures didn’t they? I still miss those lovely novelty bottles too!

      best wishes

  1. I don’t get on with many perfumes these days, I think I am allergic to something in them. Eau Givrée was always my favourite Avon fragrance. I still have some from years ago as I bought it nearly every month. I still wear it now and again. I also loved Pretty Peach. I still keep the fancy bottles of both as ornaments in my bedroom. Odyssey was another of my favourites in the 80’s.

    1. Hi Alexis and thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Eau Givree was always my favourite too and I reckon it would fit right in today. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate and there’s definitely a market for “BringItBack” scnets. I don’t know why they don’t do this more. Maybe once we’re out of our thirties they don’t want to chase our dollar? Baffling.

      I have Tweeted Avon to ask why the USA gets Odyssey but we don’t and “no answer was the stern reply”. I would suggest it may be EU regs on ingredients but I have seen it for sale on Amazon UK so who knows?

      best wishes

    2. Hi Alexis. I too, don’t get along with some foul ingredient in most perfumes. I think it’s the binder, an ingredient used to make the fragrance ‘stick’ to hair, skin and clothes. I find the best way to enjoy perfume it to use LESS. One tiny squirt on a cotton ball. Touch to both wrists and then tuck the cotton puff down your bra. I keep experimenting. My collection of unused perfume bottles continues to grow.

  2. If I could have one wish it would be for Avon to bring back Come Summer!, Rare Rubies Fantasque!, their perfume solids, creme sachets, bar soaps, and their cologne splash on collectible bottles. Congratulations to them on their 130th Anniversary, March 8th, 2016.

    1. Dear Lan,
      Welcome! I’d forgotten about Fantasque. Good call. I have heard of Rare Rubies and read reviews that made me long to try it. The other good one in that range was Rare Diamonds, which is being discontinued but currently in the discount brochure. They do have a new one out which is excellent- Avon Perceive Oasis. So there is some hope that new classics are emerging, even if we long for the old.

      best wishes

      1. Avon’s Rare Collection is truly breathtaking especially Rare Gold and Rare Pearl fragrances. Thumbs up.

    1. Hi Janice and thanks for commenting. I have never tried Imari. Are you in the UK or the USA? Some fragrances were (or are) not available in Avon UK brochures, yet were (or are) in the USA brochures.

      Best wishes Sam

  3. Splendour was my absolute favorite! I always got tons of compliments whenever I wore it but Avon discontinued it in the early 90s. It truly needs a comeback!

    1. Hi Tamarah and thanks for dropping by. Don’t you think that Avon would make a ton of cash if they did a “heritage” collection of all their old favourites? I’d be first in line! What else do you think they should bring back?

  4. I wish Avon would bring back Occur! , Persian Wood and Hawaiian White Ginger, which reminds me of my moms when I was growing up. HWG was a very clean-smelling after bath splash my moms would use after her bath. U might say it was, along with Jean Nate` the grandmother of Bath n Body Works and The Body Shop. Occur! was a slightly spicy scent in a sexy black vinyl covered bottle with a gold top as was Persian Wood, which came in a curvy red vinyl covered bottle with gold lettering and also a hold top. Sorry I don’t have any pics but you can probably do a Google search and they might pop up, or check EBay 😊

    1. Hello Ladeegee and how lovely to hear from you. I used to have Occur back in the 70s. It was a glass giraffe of all things! I didn’t appreciate back then as I was only little, but I do wish they’d bring back so many. I’d love to have Eau Givree, Foxfire and Odyssey back. Persian Wood sounds right up my street!

      Sam xx

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