Creed Love in White: When Rice Things Happen to Good Perfume



Yes you read it right.  Rice things have happened to a perfectly good perfume and it’s as unmissable as a blackcurrant lolly in the middle of a wedding dress. It cannot be ignored.

I tried Creed Love in White yesterday and today and was particularly intrigued by it as I read a rumour that Dame Her Supreme Majesty Angelina Jolie wears it.  If it makes Brad Pitt look up from his motorbike and  say “Baby, I dig you”  then its good enough for me.

Creed Love in White opens beautifully.  White is indeed the right name.  It has sea notes and citrus notes  and magnolia and is as clean as a white chiffon curtain floating lazily in an early morning Malibu breeze with a bracing view of the Ocean (you know, like Angelina’s house. Probably)

However, there’s a big Oops and that pesky, of all things, RICE note barges in and messes up the pure white sitting room with its savoury slightly parched smell. I tried and tried to ignore it.  It veers between savoury dried grass and scorched parchment and it just ruins this for me.

Amusingly, Luca Turin and I are in agreement on this. (Listen to me, talking like he’s my friend or something. Sorry Tania) In fact, he is even more irritated than I am.  In Perfumes The Guide he declares that if a homeless person was offered shampoo that smelled like this, they would decline it and take their chances with the lice.

I don’t think it’s quite that bad, but what on earth were they thinking adding rice into a perfectly good and clean smelling fragrance?

Cacharel Noa took a similar gamble and in my opinion, won.  Noa is a delightfully “white” ethereal scent with a bloom’n’fade coffee bean in the middle. It works.  Creed Love in White does not.

But I bet it smells great on Dame Angie.


PS Two thank yous- Lisa Wordbird- thanks for the loan of the sample! And also thank you to this website which is so addictive that you can get completely lost in it.

2 thoughts on “Creed Love in White: When Rice Things Happen to Good Perfume”

  1. My sample of this has gone off or I would love to see if I can find the rice note. I wouldn’t normally mind such a thing to be honest. I remember LIW being on the bland side, but that’s about all. And even the fact that it has gone off relatively quickly (a problem with Creed) is another minus point about it.

    1. Hi Vanessa and thanks for dropping by. I must say that from what I’ve seen of Creed I am starting to think its overpriced and not particularity unique.

      I suppose I’ll just have to keep trying lots of perfumes that cost less than Creed’s 80 quid. Oh what hardship!

      As for rice- if it had that aromatic hint that white pilau or jasmine rice has then I might have given it some respect but it was just awful.

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