Agent Provocateur Fatale: Love on The Third Date



It took a few goes, but like my husband, it was worth getting to know after a few dates.

 Agent Provocateur Fatale is the latest release from the Agent Provocateur stable and the face of the scent is the beautiful Monica Cruz, who has a rather attractive brother in law called Javier Bardem (obviously not a patch on Mr IScent, of course).

It took me a few tries to like this but on Day Three I drew my conclusion.  I love it.

At first I thought it was a bit of a generic new release that smells like so many these days, although it deftly avoids falling into the fruity floral category (phew!).  After wearing Fatale for three days, I realised that not only does it remind me of the utterly dreamy coffee-like Valentino Uomo, which I fell in love with earlier this year, but the patchouli packs a punch that I missed on the first two tries.

Agent Provocateur Fatale opens with dark blackcurrant, which despite my aversion to  non citrus fruit in perfume, I always enjoy.  Along with the blackcurrant comes spicy pink pepper and  a whiff of clean, rich Gardenia,  followed by the aforementioned patchouli.  As all this blends rather pleasantly together in a grown up way, a hint of chocolate creeps in and takes a seat.  Now thankfully the chocolate isn’t the nougat-y, overly vanilla variety but more like bitter unsweetened real cocoa.  In fact it smells like slightly bitter coffee beans like to my nose, which is partly what swung it for me (I fell hard for Uomo).

Fatale is a change of direction from the trusty Agent Provocateur EDP and the sometimes divisive Petale Noir .  In living up to its name, Agent Provocateur doesn’t play it safe, and I like that.


5 thoughts on “Agent Provocateur Fatale: Love on The Third Date”

  1. Thanks for the review–I’ll have to give this a try. I really like Petale Noir, although it does resemble a number of other perfumes (but at a better price), and I bought a bottle of L’Agent, which reminded me of Caron Parfum Sacre but lighter on the black pepper and rose. I’ve still somehow never tried the original, and will have to rectify that. I will say that while the Fatale bottle looks perfectly nice, I miss the distinctive style of the previous iterations.

    1. Hi Laurels, sorry my reply is late. I totally agree with you about the bottle. The brand doesn’t look as strong with a bunch of variable stragglers as it does with the distinctive oval opaque bottles. They shouldn’t have changed it, it looks a lot more mainstream and will just blend in with all the rest.

      L’Agent sounds right up my street- I love a peppery caron style scent!

  2. I am so behind with my AP releases! I haven’t tried one since L’Agent (which I bought). This one sounds dark and interesting – or dark enough for me, say.

    1. Hi Vanessa, forgive my tardy reply. This is dark-ish, but it could go further if it wanted. I guess it didn’t want to scare people away- but I WANT to be scared sometimes!

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