Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold! All Change!

nd.24913     Here is another example of a perfume that replaces another perfume with a different name and is given yet another new name.   (Here’s VoiceOver Man with “Previously on IScentYouADay”) You may recall Dior changed Miss Dior into Miss Dior Originale and introduced Miss Dior Cherie as the new Miss Dior, discontinuing Miss Dior Cherie? It’s like replacing Joan Collins with Sir Ian Mckellan and still calling the character Alexis Carrington.  Its confusing isn’t it?  Does it makes you want to run away?  I tell you what: it doesn’t half give bloggers a headache when they do this. lady million

According to Fragrantica, Eau My Gold has been launched by Paco Rabanne with the intention that it will replace the current Lady Million EDT.  The thing is they smell different and Lady Million EDT is a very big seller, so I’m scratching my head over this one. Whenever I am in a perfume shop or at a counter I always ask “What’s your bestseller?” and they always tell me it’s Lady Million.  From House of Fraser to the Perfume Shop to Superdrug.

However, I have at my disposal a sample of Eau My Gold, and despite it ticking many boxes of things I don’t normally go for, I ended up liking it,  even with melon!.  Alongside it I tried Lady Million and had forgotten how floral it was: white flowers mainly.  I  disliked Lady Million initially but I find that when you put a perfume away for a while and bring it back out again, you can often view it differently. (Can I just confess that despite loathing Thierry Mugler Angel I sometimes sniff it incessantly when I am home alone? I may turn yet)

Lady Million EDT has many of my favourite notes on paper but loses my loyalty when it goes a bit synthetic: lily of the valley, neroli, patchouli, hyacnith and gardenia.  On paper, it should be a sure-fire hit with me, but the ingredients seem to be made from plastic flowers rather than real ones. However, it’s by no means as bad as I remember it.

Eau My Gold has top notes of very noticeable melon, mango, mandarin and grapefruit. This is thirst quenching in a sort of J20 way.  You know those orange and passion fruit drinks you can get in UK pubs?

Imagine one of those over ice.

images (2)

Not bad.  The fruit cocktail is followed by violet, amber, musk and orange blossom, which don’t really go with the fruit if I’m honest.  It’s refreshing and pleasant, but beds down into a fruity cocktail mish mash.  The top notes are lovely though. If I had to pick between the two, I’d go for Lady Million EDT.

Which begs the question: why change it so much?  It’s not like it wasn’t selling.  Conclusion: Eau my Gold will sell, but Lady Million EDT should be kept on in its own right as it is dazzlingly different from the new incumbent. If Fragrantica is correct, and they usually are, Lady Million EDT fans need to get busy buying!


4 thoughts on “Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau My Gold! All Change!”

  1. Hi Sam , Lady Million Eau My Gold was a sample in my Fragrance Box this time, which I had put to one side without trying as it didn’t appeal ,Paco Rabanne perfumes usually do not re-act well with my skin, but that was years ago and all things change don’t they? …., so on reading your blog I went straight away to try it …. will report back results yea or nay later … nice to see Papillon being so well received and I sent for some Andy Tauer samples ….I am having the best time …. went mad on eBay and bought some vintage perfumes , now my most pressing problem is ‘what perfume shall I wear today’… of all the perfumes I have bought recently– some I’ve chosen myself some I heard about through you ….there’s not one I don’t like , Of course some I like more than others but they are all wearable for me, I haven’t had to put any aside to pass on Thanks so much …..

    1. Hi Aileen,

      So lovely to hear from you. Like you, I was in two minds about Paco Rabanne but I think I have smelled so many terrible perfumes that I start to appreciate the ones I don’t like a bit more. There is of course a difference between bad perfumes and ones I don’t like. Many of my least favourites are very good quality, so i have to try and be fair at least.

      Starting on the rocky road of samples as you are doing is wonderful. It’s also a great way to smell expensive and divine on special occasions without breaking the bank. I have two phials of Andy Tauer Carillon pour Un Ange and although I can’t afford a full bottle, samples do me fine.

      My favourite part of the day is, as you mention “what perfume shall I wear today?”. No matter how busy we are, that’s one touch of luxury I get every day.

      best wishes and happy hunting!

      Samantha x

  2. Dearest Iscent
    Let’s not dwell on the butchery of Miss Dior… up there with The Murders in the Rue Morgue for my money. However the only logical explanation one can imagine for the replacement of the phenomenally awful and successful (yes, it’s Angel all over again) Lady Million is that something in that composition falls foul of the new IFRA EU rules… surely no one would change such a recent sensation for the sake of it, one senses the dark hand of regulation at work.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy, How delightful to hear from you, as ever. I agree about the senseless murder of Miss Dior. There was no crime, she had done nothing wrong and was perfect.

      I cannot fathom to sea change in Lady Million as I thought IFRA had flexed its muscles years ago and everyone knew where they stood, but maybe not. Maybe politics strikes again.

      Your friend

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