Ten Perfumes Under a Tenner: Revised for 2014



As I may have mentioned before, I am a strong believer in perfume for all. If your budget is more Aldi than Amouage, you can still smell good. The trick lies in being selective: quality is there if you know where to look.  It’s also in portion control: yes you can wear niche, but a sample or discovery set usually works out cheaper than a full bottle if eked out judiciously. When the purse is empty, I can still smell of Tauer Noontide Petals, just not every day.

Last year I made a list of best perfumes under ten pounds.  Due to constant price changes and discontinued this and that, I thought it appropriate to do another one. I won’t quote prices as they are so variable, but all of these were under 10GBP at the time of going to press, and not in a sale.

I’ve tried to include a bit of everything so in the list below you have a musk, a rose, an oriental, a cologne, a floral, and a patchouli. Hope you like it!  Oh and do let me know of your favourite bargains.  I always love to hear from you.


1. Coty L’Aimant: still under a tenner, still smells like Chanel No 5, still easy to find.  Oddly, not often worn by the young. Time to put this right!  Think, as the Perfumed Dandy does, of an Agatha Christie heroine.

2. Dana Tabu: An affordable Oriental classic.

3. The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry EDP 30ml. You know the adage K.I.S.S? (Keep It Simple Stupid)?  Well that’s what the Body Shop has done and this lovely raspberry soliflore is suitable for all ages, even children, and is one of the most searched for posts on my blog.

4. Alyssa Ashley Musk: A classic Musk that has been going since the 70s.  You can’t go wrong.

5. Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights: A creamy combo of Papyrus and Patchouli. It’s not your typical celebuscent and smells like it cost a lot more than it did. I wear it often.

6. Chique by Taylor of London: This was a pleasant surprise to me:  a mossy chypre that reminded me of Estee Lauder Knowing but was a fraction of the price.  The packaging is dated and bland but it smells terrific.

7.  The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose oil, 15ml.  A great base for layering, or wearing alone.  Because it’s an oil and has no alcohol in it, I find it lasts longer than anything else on a very hot summer day.

8. Avon Timeless:  Currently a fiver a bottle.  Avon created this classic in 1974 and discontinued it in 2012.  Customer demand brought it back.  Amber and Patchouli and aldehydes. Buy it before they change their mind again.  Available from your Avon rep.

9.  Elizabeth Arden Green Tea flankers: widely available and usually 9.99, I have tried several of these now and I can honestly say that they are all delightful.  Light, pretty florals that refresh on a hot day and impossibly feminine to boot. Real crowd pleasers.  I especially like the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle, Green Tea Tropical and Green Tea Revitalize.

10. Next Just Pink: Smells like Ralph Lauren Romance, but even prettier!  I adore this and always have a purse spray in my handbag.


Incidentally, if you are not afraid to go a few pence over the ten quid limit, I suggest  Avon Premier Luxe , any of The Body Shop Scents of The World Range,  and a trawl through allbeauty.com.

Others that I recommend are  Tweed, Panache, A quick peek in TK Maxx to see what they’ve got in this week (stock changes constantly) a basket full of purse sprays from Marks and Spencer, the ever changing array of scents and prices in your local bargain stores such as Wilkinson and Home Bargains, the Yardley soliflores … Oh and don’t forget eBay!

Money schmoney- Who needs mega bucks?

6 thoughts on “Ten Perfumes Under a Tenner: Revised for 2014”

  1. I almost bought some of the Green Tea Honeysuckle for $12 a couple of months ago (this summer is flying by!), but was saving all my pennies for a Perfume Event (FRAGments 2014). Maybe next time.

    I wore Tabu all through high school and college, and it’s sweeter than I remember it being, but still very nice. And while Fancy Nights was not quite my cup of tea, I appreciate its quality, and really like that bottle. It may be too classy for me, now that I think about it (the perfume, I mean).

    1. Hi Laurels, always lovely to hear from you! A perfume event sounds fabulous and a worthy reason to store up perfume tokens, sorry, I mean money.

      Tabu is one of those classics that gets overlooked so that people can’t see the wood for trees.Funnily enough one m it smells like joss sticks but it smells really fabulous on my Mum!

      I can’t see Fancy nights being too classy for anyone! It’s a guilty pleasure! 🙂

      best wishes

  2. I’ll add Blue Grass to the list, if I may. It’s cheap as chips, but very good quality and very wearable, especially in this hot weather. I’ve been wearing it to death just lately.

    Plus my beloved 4711 eau de cologne! How marvellous is it in the heat to splash it all over? Especially if you keep it in the fridge! Eaux de cologne in general are real favourites of mine – I buy big bottles in the supermarket when I can and decant them into a spritz bottle to spray myself with when it’s hot.

    And of course there are the famous Lidl scents, which are duplicates of well-known ones. But they’re copies, so perhaps don’t count.

    1. You are as always, so right. If my list was more than ten, I would have included both of those. Blue Grass actually works better sprayed ice cold from the fridge in summer than it does in cold weather. Oh and 4711 will never ever fall out of favour with me. Can’t get enough of it!

  3. Some Avon perfumes are really good and smell like an elegant high-end perfume! For example Today, have you tried this? Today has a great sillage too! you can often find them in offer. In Italy we have also an entire line from Tesori d’Oriente that makes affordable perfumes at a ridicoulos price (4-5 euros for 100ml), the most famous is Muschio Bianco (White musk) but they have at least 30 perfumes and many are dupes. good quality for the price!

    1. Hi Patrizia and welcome!

      I’m a big fan of Avon scent and own many of them. unfortunately I didn;t get on with Today, or any in that range. I do rate Soft Musk, Timeless and Perceive Oasis very highly though, and the prices are amazing!

      Lucky you to get such a good range. In the USA they still have Odyssey, but not in the UK. Bizarre!

      best wishes

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