Intimately Beckham Yours Women: Dodgy Name, Lovely Scent


 I have to start by saying that I have always questioned the reasoning behind the use of the word Intimately in the name of a perfume.  To me, it smacks of euphemisms for feminine hygiene products: “intimate wash”, “intimate wipes” and so on, so I will start by saying this is badly named and clumsily phrased. The photos of  the eponymous Beckhams getting it on add a bit of smuggery to proceedings.

However, among the slew, nay onslaught of celebrity scents, the Beckham scent wardrobe has so far impressed me. The David Beckham colognes for men are very reasonable in quality and price and  a previous Beckham fragrance that I reviewed ended up smelling more like aniseed than the well worn fruity floral/death by vanilla capers that are so common now (I think it was Signature For Her, see my earlier review).

In fact, surprisingly, the Beckhams have no fewer than 24 scents between them which puts them firmly on the radar and on the shelves.  But hey, help them out, the poor things must need the cash. *cough*

Intimately Beckham Yours Women (Can we just call it IBYW?)  opens pleasingly with pear and frangipani. Frangipani always smells a bit like almonds to me so this was a pleasant surprise.  Pear is not for everyone, but I rather like it in fragrance.  Opening notes; so far so good.

The middle notes remain true and the scent bursts with tropical petals, yet no Tiare Flower here, despite the unshakable image of rain kissed white flowers.

The base is soapy and floral and a little blander, and I couldn’t find the promised vetiver, but longevity isn’t bad at around five hours.

All in all, with an attractive gold box, a heavy glass bottle and a surprisingly unorthodox choice of notes, this makes an all round good buy.

I can’t help thinking this was made by the same people who make Avon scents.  It smells very similar but doesn’t have that cardboardy base that so many Avon scents have on my skin. (Apart from Avon Premier Luxe which is great). Not bad at all.


Do you mind? We're getting it on.
Do you mind? We’re getting it on.

2 thoughts on “Intimately Beckham Yours Women: Dodgy Name, Lovely Scent”

  1. I think the Beckhams are very clever and very under-rated business people, Victoria, especially. She has a natural instinct for branding and she is a very careful curator of their brand and its integrity.
    Given that she has a couture-ish fashion line, complete with the all-important handbag range, (got a grand or two to spare?), she has to make sure that her fragrances don’t burst the bubble.
    To me, it smells like they spend a few pounds extra on the ingredients, and that shows in the quality of the product.

    So: do you think they would qualify as a High Street Classic?

  2. Yes I totally agree. Whilst they were comemrcially minded enough to jump on the fragrance bandwagon, they didn’t go down the most obvious route and have been quite imaginative with their range. Victoria has really grown on me and I think she makes a good role model now, even though I expect a lot of fashion graduates rightly baulk at her lack of grass roots training. What she has done took guts and she’s no laughing stock.

    As for High Street Classic- the brand is definitely a good one, but not sure it will be a High Stret Classic. More of which anon, right my friend? *wink*

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