Alfred Sung Forever: Stuck Together For Eternity

sung I have been keeping half an eye on Alfred Sung Forever for quite some time.  Should I/Shouldn’t I?  I was drawn in by the promise of Lily of the Valley, by the promise that it was green and the promise that it was made with brides in mind and therefore so would be pretty. Yesterday my bottle finally arrived: a nice big 75ml bottle too.  I took the cellophane off (oh !  I love that feeling!) and sprayed. And then I felt a bit sad, as if my ice cream just fell on the floor after one lick. Elizabeth-Arden-Splendor-Edp-Spray-for-Women-8418

Alfred Sung Forever is so similar to Elizabeth Arden Splendor that they could be interchangeable.  Both have that metallic, hollow almost-but-not-quite floral note running through the middle.  It’s borderline ozonic. There was Lily of the Valley, but so fake and so plastic that it gave me less pleasure than just looking at a photograph of Lily of The Valley.  There is a plastciky, mass produced note to it that wasn’t a million miles away from the dreadful  Karl Lagerfeld Sun Moon Stars. The base note is baby talcum powder.

The reviews on Fragrantica raved about it.  Mine will not be one of them.   It’s curious that both Forever and Splendor smell the same and both come in large bottles:  Splendor  comes in a 125ml bottle and Forever arrived in a big 75ml bottle.  The price was good at under a tenner, and you know how strong my convictions are on the “You can smell good without being rich” stance, but I guess this was a turkey. I have visions of a giant vat of the stuff, cobbled together for a song and being pumped into various bottles and sold off cheaply. Any leftovers are used in inexpensive “Ocean Fresh” toilet fresheners.

You may be familiar with my Law of Sod when it comes to perfumes:  if you hate it, it will never leave you, even with soap and water.  If you love it, it won’t hang around.  And thus it was that four hours later, I scrubbed and scrubbed and in the end had a shower to get rid of it.  It sure does last Forever.

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5 thoughts on “Alfred Sung Forever: Stuck Together For Eternity”

  1. Oh you poor thing! But I always say that one man’s trash is another’s treasure…so given the cost perhaps you can gift it away to someone who loves it?

  2. Dearest Iscent
    Poor Iscent… where do you find these things?
    I’d never heard of this!
    Quick question, have you tried all the Monotheme offerings at M&S… I feel sure there are some that might tempt you!
    Oh, and a quick confession, whilst Splendour is certainly not splendid, something about it’s insipid, metallic cleanliness attracts me. There, I’ve said it!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      I can tell you exactly where I get this stuff- in the sale! Remember when it used to be called Cheap Smells and they quite sensibly changed the awful name?

      I read many fragrantica reviews before my purchase but it turned out to be a duff blind buy. I don’t mind though, as it’s just one of the pitfalls of the everlasting hunt for treasure that is the perfumista’s lot in life.

      As for M and S- do you mean the Lyn Harris range? Wordbird and I plan a trip to a bigger branch than our local.

      As for Splendor- it actually smells good as a night perfume i.e I put it on to go to bed and it smells good in the morning, but for daytime wear it’s a no from me.

      Your friend

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