4160 Tuesdays The Sexiest Scent on The Planet Ever (IMHO)


Sarah McCartney, founder and one-woman chief of 4160 Tuesdays, named this scent after a quote from a young fashion journalist.  This was originally the unadorned base for The Gin Garden, but the journalist smelled it naked as it were (the base scent, not the journalist) and made the now familiar declaration.

I have reviewed 4160 Tuesday scents before, but just to keep you up to speed in case you missed them, the name of the company is based on the fact there are 4160 Tuesdays in your life if you live to be 80.  Sarah uses her Tuesdays to make scent.  They are gathering support like a snowball rolling down a hill, with an increasing amount of media and word of mouth interest.  It’s a friendly company: accessible and happy to chat about the process and host sniffing days (which I plan to do one day- Lisa Wordbird are you with me?)


So let’s get down to it and have a look at whether this scent really is as gorgeous as it reckons.  The quick answer is yes.

  Imagine if you will, a vanilla pod walks into a bar, gets sozzled on gin and tries to kiss you in an antique wardrobe wearing a lime based eau de cologne.  That’s the best way I have of explaining it.

Vanilla-Pods-6-150x150The notes are few and simple:  The opening is citrussy and  has lots of bergamot and almost at the same time smells like the inside of an antique wooden wardrobe: almost but not quite, musty.  The vanilla, in a Nancy Drew sort of way, draws itself up to its full height and takes control of the situation.  Vanilla has frankly been over used and abused lately in mass market perfume and its beauty has been devalued via synthetic cup cake and candy floss concoctions.  The Sexiest Scent On The Planet Ever puts Vanilla back in the driving seat like an overexposed soap star having a come back as a glamorous matriarch.

The Vanilla here is thick and rich and  almost fuzzy.  Not a hint of cupcake here.  No Sir.  In fact the Vanilla is such good quality that it tips over into boozy territory.  Had I smelled this blind, I would have said there was patchouli in it, but there isn’t.  However, it does have that raspy spicy quality that patchouli has, despite being a spice free zone.

Longevity is very good, and surprisingly, I get a hint of rum soused fruit in it, a bit like Serge Lutens Arabie, which in turn smells like Nigella’s recipe for black cake. But mysteriously, there are neither fruit nor rum notes in the scent. I have a  30 ml bottle of  Sexiest Scent On The Planet Ever (IMHO) and I think the price is very reasonable indeed, at £40.   This is the same price  as a Jo Malone, but  far more niche and  deeper and richer.  In other words, it’s very good value and you’re not going to smell like everyone else.  Although if 4160  Tuesdays goes on snowballing, there will be others like us! And that will be no bad thing at all.


15 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays The Sexiest Scent on The Planet Ever (IMHO)”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    Too long I fear. So how appropriate that our reunion should be in a bar.
    Now I always worry that booze infused fumes will leave one smelling like a brewery, or, in this case distillery, but gin, and rum and brandy are the exceptions.
    This sounds, light and bright and quite the thing for the season, no?
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,

      An orchestra of trumpets hails your happy return! Welcome back! I hear the Scarlet Pimpernel was busy in your absence and that you two are never seen in the same room together, but I’m sure it’s all just gossip.

      Actually this scent is more of and evening or winter scent. I think the Woodiness is the strongest aspect. It makes me think of an old oak desk that has been lime washed but still has that woody smell. 4160 does great sample packs- I recommend them!

      Your friend

  2. As a lover of vanilla this scent sounds right up my alley! I have heard so many wonderful things about this company but have yet to sample. Do they sell in /ship to the States?

    1. Hi justbreathe If you like good vanilla you’ll like this one. It’s really rich, rather than the weak cake-flavouring that’s in a lot of the cheap high Street stuff.

  3. I have got to admit that I put off trying this because I wasn’t keen on the name.
    Me culpa. Because when I did try it – wowser! What a cracker!
    I get a light, fizzy incense from it and then some things that make it all nice and warm and lasting on my skin (last for AGES!) and it generally is very sexy. But sexy without being too knowing. It’s not a big, bosomy vavavoom sexy, it’s a freshly-washed swishy hair, feeling really happy and having freckles on your nose sexy. Ali Magraw, rather than Marilyn.

    I love it. I have even been layering it and it’s fantastic for that!

    1. “Ali Magraw”! YES! It’s the sexy that goes with the freckly nose, not the dirty knickers sexy that goes with Theo Fennell and Worth Courtesan ( although both genres are admirable).

      I like how the Vanilla is nothing like cheapo High Street Vanilla, but more like grainy vanilla seeds in a good creme brulee. I’m sorry, there’s dribble on my keyboard.


  4. Good to know this line is available in the US now. I like a non-cupcakey vanilla, and non-astronomical price.

    1. Hi Laurels,

      It’s a great brand and I do love an indie perfumer. Sarah is wonderfully friendly and passionate about her work. Not all of them float my boat, but they are all great quality with fantastic longevity. Something for everyone for sure!

      best wishes

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