Tauer Cologne du Maghreb: I Want Every Room in My House to Smell Like This All Year Round

photo borrowed from ChemistInTheBottle.wordpress.com
photo borrowed from ChemistInTheBottle.wordpress.com

I am a big Tauer fan, as regular readers may have noticed.  There are very few gaps in my Tauer sample collection, and now, thanks to Andy, I have everything.

I was recently sent a sample of Cologne du Maghreb by Andy Tauer himself.  He knows, and I know that just because the sample is free doesn’t mean I have to like it. Thankfully, (and luckily, as I hate being rude) Cologne du Maghreb is wonderful.  In fact it’s about time there was a full time cologne on the Tauer books ( Maghreb made a temporary cameo in 2010) as there are florals, chypres, spices and well, let’s face it, he can do things with a Rose you never thought possible.

Firstly, it’s important to say that Maghreb is made of all natural materials.  Secondly, it’s cologne.  I’m saying this because it is not the same as other Tauer scents.  Longevity is not the same, and the refreshing opening tang is unapologetically botanical and zesty.  On his blog, Andy suggests a tip for longevity: spray chest liberally and add a cotton shirt or top.  The cotton will retain the scent all day as the skin heats up and burns off the scent, as hot skin does with colognes.

The balance of characteristic Tauer Bergamot and the seemingly freshly grated lemon zest is so exhilarating that I want every room in my house to smell like this all year round. It’s stunning.

jw054-350a-cocktai-gin-and-tonic_1920x1200_69161 Then it smells more grown up, as if you should wear it to an expensive gentleman’s club. There is something about it that suggests an Oriental, but the spice is so elusive, it’s almost like a fleeting clue.  Nevertheless, this hint of exotic heat helps to set this apart from your usual colognes.

After half an hour  it fades a little more, leaving traces of lemon zest and the kind of lavender you only get when you pick a bud and rub it together in your hand.  It’s that heady, almost vodka-like fresh lavender smell that would be in HD if you could see it on TV.

Add a bit of bitter into the mix: it’s clary sage- used (in my opinion) so disastrously in LUSH’s Gorilla perfume Euphoria that it almost put me off for life, but used with a light hand here. All this fades after it blooms, leaving a memory on skin after around say, two hours.

In fact an odd thing happened after that.  My skin smelled like my skin, but kind of stronger and sweeter, a bit like a sweet fern. I was sniffing for ages, wondering what it was until I realised the scent was only in the places where I had sprayed Cologne du Maghreb.  It was like overheated skin, a faint hint of herbs and a lick of honey, and then finally, it went away altogether.

Spray liberally and often and soak it up with clothing or a scarf. The bottle is different, the juice is pale green, and the experience is a tangent away from the usual fourteen hour longevity of a Tauer EDP.  As a cologne, it is in a different league from other colognes and I heartily recommend it.  As for male or female?  Pah!  Great on everyone.

There is an excellent review over on the lovely Lucas’s site ChemistInTheBottle  from  where I cheekily nicked the top photo.

Thanks Andy!
Thanks Andy!

10 thoughts on “Tauer Cologne du Maghreb: I Want Every Room in My House to Smell Like This All Year Round”

  1. Great you enjoy Cologne du Maghreb. Isn’t it a very happy, sparking and bright fragrance! So refreshing! I could swim in the pool of it 🙂

  2. I am currently exploring naturals (including wearing essential oils straight up) and longevity is definitely an issue…but I love this idea of spraying your chest and immediately putting on a t-shirt (in my case a tank top which I wear under everything as I am always cold in air conditioned environments). This cologne sounds like a perfect summer fragrance!

    1. Thanks justbreathe! It’s quite longlasting for a cologne, which doesn’t surprise me as Tauers are very longlasting. It’s a good tip about the cotton clothing isn’t it?

      I do find that when I’m trying on perfumes my coat sleeves and cardigans carry on smelling lovely for a long time afterwards!

      best wishes

  3. My dear Iscent,

    Greetings from the desert of Rajasthan. Your review for Maghreb was so brilliant & deliciously fragrant that I almost smelt it here in the 117 F heat & immediately added it in my wish list. I am big on lemon ,verbena & fern so I would really like to spray it in my work place too (sorry but why not?)


    1. Hello Cilantro,

      It’s always wonderful to hear from you. I’m so glad you’re settling into Rajasthan. I can’t imagine the kind of heat you describe, I am not used to it at all. I visited Yosemite once and it was 104F- I could barely move.

      This Tauer cologne is worth your while- do try and seek it out if you can!

      best wishes and lovely to hear from you


  4. This sounds fantastic. Like you I’m an Andy fan and this might be great in the heatwave we’re having here. I finally understand the need for the refreshing citrus perfumes! I won a sample of this (yay) on Lucasai’s blog so will be very happy to smell this. Hope all is well in Wales.

    1. Congratulations on winning a sample! Out of all my Tauer samples, this one has disappeared the fastest. Partly because it’s a cologne, and partly because I get a sort of hit from it: its’ like a harmless addiction! Wales was very hot today. I was not prepared and couldn’t cope.

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