Lady Gaga Fame: More Tame than Fame



  Lady Gaga Fame took me by surprise.  With Gaga’s inexhaustible originality and eccentricity, and with the gold claw and black juice of the bottle, I was expecting something clashing and well…Gaga. Maybe a combination of jarring, clanging Cacharel Eden with the daring creosote of Tauer’s Lonestar Memories? Maybe she would have used an ingredient never used before in perfume (is there one? I’m still working my way through…). But no. In Fame : Lady Gaga has (shock, horror), gone all ladylike on us.

Today she is wearing a twin set and pearls and sipping her ubiquitous porcelain cuppa. Lady-Gagas-Fame-Perfume-AdThe notes of the perfume are: Belladonna (more for it’s reputation and mystique than for its scent I feel), Apricots (definitely in there somewhere), Honey (just a soupcon) Orchid (a hint), Saffron (hard to discern), Sambac Jasmine (very bold) and Incense (only in the base and round the edges).

The notes surprised me somewhat since on my skin at least, this is a pleasant, slightly violet, powdery floral with a hint of honeyed apricot, but nothing too sweet.  After a few hours, there is a faint tang of something enigmatic and jazz clubby when the incense comes in, but otherwise, this is rather pretty and, dare I say it? – not really edgy at all.

Despite it’s forbidding dark image (and fantastic ads), this would be lovely as day wear, or workwear. The price is excellent at well under £20, and it is widely available at beauty counters and more general stores such as Wilkinsons. It’s good, it’s ladylike, it’s pretty and provides a refreshing change from all that sugar.


Try Amazon UK, or  Fame currently retails at around £17 for 100ml.

2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Fame: More Tame than Fame”

  1. I’m with you: quite lovely, inoffensive without being dull, exactly. Not a good fit with that bottle. It might be the opposite of Badgley Mischka, which was a big, bold floral (with a nice edge of your dreaded Eau de Gusset) in pale, ladylike packaging.

    1. Hi Laurels and thanks for that description of Badgley Mischka! Whilst I don’t like wearing eau de gusset, I am intrigued by such scents. So Far I think Worth Courtesan and Theo Fennell A Scent are the most gussety!

      I think it’s really interesting that Lady Gaga came out with a muted and pretty scent, or maybe she was trying to make us question our preconceptions of her!

      best wishes

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