Miss Dior Cherie EDP (2011): Confused? You Will Be!


 Okay . So if I’ve got this right, Miss Dior was created in 1947 and Miss Dior Cherie EDP in 2011 (The EDT in 2005).  The people at Dior then saw fit to replace Miss Dior with Miss Dior Cherie, which smells totally different to Miss Dior.  Just to really mess with us, they then decided to call Miss Dior Cherie plain old Miss Dior and then make another scent called Miss Dior Cherie.  Please write in if I have this wrong.

Look here Dior, it’s not big and it’s not clever.  You’re looking like a fickle glory hunting crowd pleaser.  What’s going on? Well Miss Dior (1947) was full of lovely stuff like oakmoss and galbanum and bergamotmissdior, all of which makes me want to buy it right now. However, as we know, the fragrances of the Noughties are all about the candy, the caramel and the fruity floral.  So what did Dior do?  They sneaked in a fruity floral caramel scent, named it as their flagship, and pretended they’d been down with the kids all along.

Well I feel cheated and confused.  Any marketing expert worth their salt will tell you that to confuse a customer is to lose a custmissdiorcherieomer.  K.I.S.S is not a bad cliché to live by. Keep it Simple Stupid.

But there’s poor Miss Dior Cherie in the corner quite overlooked in the midst of my perfume’n’ politics rant.  What’s it like, this Miss Dior Cherie?  Well it’s a pleasant bouquet of water colour roses with a bit of strawberry jam in the middle of it and a hint of caramel.  It’s not too clumsily made though and is blended so seamlessly that it doesn’t offend. The bottle is gorgeous but I don’t want it because I don’t know if this is the new Miss Dior or if the new Miss Dior is something that smells like thediornew old Miss Dior and… no, it’s too confusing. I’ll pass. !

PS Don’t EVEN get me started on the flankers


NOTE I must explain a rather embarrassing faux pas.  Whilst I was on holiday last year, my dear friend Lisa Wordbird wrote a knockout article for this blog on Miss Dior (used to be Miss Dior Cherie, now Miss Dior) missdiorwriting . Unfortunately I wrote and posted this article up above right here ^ before realising, and reading back, I see that Lisa and I are of the same view.  However it’s worth reading her review as frankly, although we come to the same conclusion, hers is very funny and makes a good point: do you  actually know anyone who buys the  ancillary body lotion unless its in a gift pack?  Nor me.  Forgive me dear friend.  Even I have been halfway through a review before realising I’ve already written one. Hazard of the job when you’re at 399 reviews! In fact, Lisa is going to be a guest here soon so I hope she forgives me or I’m stuffed.


11 thoughts on “Miss Dior Cherie EDP (2011): Confused? You Will Be!”

  1. They do seem to have gone out of their way to make it more trouble than it’s worth to find the Miss Dior you’re looking for. I’m with you–why bother?

    1. Exactly Laurels, and besides which, it smells so very like Coco Mademoiselle that there’s very little original about it.

  2. Just in case you change your mind, the currently available Miss Dior you want (ie closest to 1947’s) is Miss Dior Originale which confusingly (are we surpised?) comes in two versions: Miss Dior Eau de Toilette Originale and Miss Dior Esprit de Parfum original (though the word original with or without the “e” is not on that bottle label). Both bottles are tall rectangles with the houndstooth effect on the glass.

    You know, I think you’re right after all — why bother if they can’t be bothered.

    1. Thanks Lindaloo- I appreciate your help! But yes, it’s madness how much knowledge you have to be armed with before approaching the Dior counter. It’s just not user friendly!

  3. I had completely forgotten that I’d reviewed this. In fact, I’d started writing a comment about your post and then managed not to post it. (How did that happen?) I agree that the ‘new’ Miss Dior is well, not up to the standard of the original.
    I don’t understand it – why didn’t they call it Mademoiselle Dior?
    So now I am the person snapping up the old houndstooth bottles on ebay before the prices go through the roof and I can’t get my oak moss fix.

    1. I know what you mean about that oakmoss fix. Getting increasingly niche these days in among the dangerous waves of Death by Vanilla. I agree they should change the name so they din’t get them mixed up. I understand that reformulation is often necessary, but a total and utter fundamental change whilst keeping the same name is downright sneaky and smacks of bandwagons!

  4. You can’t imagine how many bottles of perfume I have bought and returned trying to find the stuff I had a sample of. Turned to find out that I fell in love with the new stuff after I spent a fortune on the extait perfume of the original which I have but debating on whether to keep it or not so now I’m waiting for another extrait and a 5oz bottle of the new. So dam confusing, they should have given it a different name

    1. hello Walker and welcome! I totally agree. It borders on dishonest when they change a forumula so dramitically yet keep the name. Let me know how you get on! hope you find it xxx

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