Gucci Eau de Parfum: It’s Persuasive…


Having been in a huff with Gucci since 2007 (Have I not mentioned they discontinued Gucci Envy that year? I keep it very quiet. Not) I always approach their scents with a “this had better be good” look on my face (ask my kids if you can’t picture it). However trying Gucci Eau de Parfum today has meted this ice queen and I am happy to say that this really ain’t half bad.  You may notice I’m not falling over it with marriage proposals but that’s my skin: more of which anon. When I anointed myself with my Gucci EDP dabber sample, the immediate reaction was “Violets- Serge Lutens Bois de Violette!”.  You can imagine how pleased I was: I adore Bois de Violette. However sadly, this turned to Crayola wax crayons within minutes.

This has happened to me before with several other perfumes: (it’s my skin and may not happen to you), but I thought I’d bear with it as the phase often passes. Having looked up the notes on Fragrantica, I was surprised to see no Violets at all but Heliotrope instead.  I can see why I got confused as they are often used together.  The alleged Caraway note I did not really pick up on at all, although Fragrantica users voted it the most noticeable note.  Maybe I’m missing something, In any case, after an hour or two Gucci Eau de Parfum leaves me with a pleasant Incense-y skin Musk that still remains slightly waxy and with a muted Iris finish.

It’s one of those interesting scents that you can sniff and sniff and get something different from it each time. Apart from Caraway. Mine ran away.

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    1. Trust you! The only fragrance that gave me a rash was Chanel No 19 but to be fair I sprayed it over some very red looking sunburn and it won’t put me off getting a bottle.

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