Diptyque Tam Dao  


I had the privilege of trying my first ever Diptyque scent today.  This is what happens when you meet up with Lisa Wordbird in a well known coffee house (that smelled like a boudoir by the time we’d finished our coffee).

My very first impression of Tam Dao was “Fig”, but there is no Fig.  I must be trigger happy now that I can (allegedly) identify Fig as I smell it in everything.  In any case, Tam Dao is actually mainly Sandalwood, but thanks to its figgy note, it’s a grown up, sexy, powdery, aromatic incense-like Sandalwood.

It last and lasts and is still going strong four hours later, not even just close to skin- just giving little wafts every time I move.

The notes according to our trusty friends at Fragrantica are :

Top notes: Rose, Myrtle and Cypress.

Middle notes: Sandalwood and Cedar

Base notes:  Musk, Amber, Spice and Rosewood.

It smells very Seventies to me, which is no bad thing.  People wore neat patchouli oil, cheap and cheerful chypres and a lot of musk and sandalwood back then. No bad thing at all.  Tam Dao is a melange of all of these things and its dusty Musky Sandalwood tones are keeping me welcome company today. You haven’t heard the last of me, Diptyque.


6 thoughts on “Diptyque Tam Dao  ”

    1. ooh I’m not sure. I’ll ask Lisa. Update- I can still smell it seven hours later- longevity is great!

  1. Well, congratulations on joining the huge community of Diptyque users! From my experience with the brand, you’ll never be disappointed in terms of quality, luxury, satisfaction and whatever you can wish for!

    1. Thank you Carmen and welcome! I fell in love on the spot and can’t wait to try more. Although it’s a bit pricier than my usual budget, I find that good longevity like that ends up being worth it as a bottle can last more than a year. best wishes Samantha

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