Yardley Jade: a welcome Déjà Vu



Whilst having a quick browse around Boots today between errands, I came across a perfume I hadn’t seen before : Yardley Jade. Naturally I couldn’t resist testing it and by the time I reached the exit, I was thinking “Hmm. Chanel Cristalle. I bet that phase won’t last.”  Yet here I am, nd.12three hours later, and it still smells as if I am wearing Chanel Cristalle.

As you may know from my previous reviews, I was in an exclusive relationship with Chanel Cristalle  for nearly twenty years, with occasional forays into temporary favourites. Green, light and floral, Cristalle is paradoxically no lightweight, with its Oakmossy finish and long lasting Galbanum touches.

It’s looking as if Jade by Yardley is singing the same song, but, as you might imagine,  for a fraction of the price. I’m never without a bottle of Cristalle and on a wrist to wrist experiment, there was very little in it.  Jade claims to have Peaches, but thankfully, I can smell none.  Both open with Bergamot. Both perfumes have that translucent green feel to them, with a hint of fresh, clean hyacinth, and both have a mossy finish.

Time for the maths bit: The current price for Yardley Jade is £7.99 for a 50ml EDT in Boots.  The current price for Chanel Cristalle EDT is £49 for  a 60ml EDT. (I felt it was only fair to compare like with like, although I tested Jade alongside the Cristalle EDP not EDT).

So there you have it. I wish Yardley had invented this during the period of my life when I couldn’t  afford Cristalle, but better late than never. Oh and a huge Hallelujah that this totally lacks Vanilla, red fruit or anything candy floss. Common Sense prevailed at Yardley.



9 thoughts on “Yardley Jade: a welcome Déjà Vu”

  1. Hooray! Vanilla-free!!! Peach-free!!! (I have trained myself and can now just about cope with Mitsouko but on a bad day nuh-uh.)
    Good old Yardley. They are very good – on the quiet – at making perfumes for real women.

    1. Yes I love the fact that other perfume trends come and go but Yardley just quietly get on with it as if to say “we know what we’re doing. You’l be grateful one day when you need an affordable Lily of the Valley soliflore”

  2. I like their lotions and hand creams + it’s great they are still making talc! I will look out for this. I see they have quite a few fragrances, perhaps you will review some others?

    1. …sorry, I see you did Royal Diamond – not so good – maybe Polaire might be better (odd name, though)

    2. Thanks Alice. I love Yardley. They are very good at doing floral soliflores such as rose and lily of the valley in Eau de toilette form. It’s often surprisingly hard to find single note floral so Yardley fills the gap nicely. I tried Polaire and quite liked it so might review that in future.

      best wishes


  3. Another entry for your next Smellalikes post! Speaking of which, I wound up getting a bottle of Gianfranco Ferre Ferre for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, after sampling it on your recommendation. (One woman’s Eau de Gusset is another’s ladylike–but not too ladylike–iris.)

    1. I always glow with pride and happiness to hear my blog has influenced someone or given them an idea. Thank you so much! I hope you like Ferre de Ferre.

      best wishes

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