Andy Tauer Eau D’Epices: A Sparkling Spice For Summer

I have just received my sample of Eau D’Epices from Scent and Sensibility and I have fallen for it already, despite us having only just met. Despite my deep love for L’Air Du Desert Marocain (my first experience of Tauer scents) I find it too heavy on a hot day (but just right for a hot night).  However, Eau d’Epices provides my answer for the Summer.

Imagine if you will, L’Air Du Desert Marocain with its dusty dried incense notes, so reminiscent of hot spiced sand, but with an ice cube dropped into the middle of it as if to quench a thirst. The Citrus notes in Eau D’Epices give me that sparkling brightness, making it ideal for when the heat is on.

However, don’t be fooled by the “Eau”: this is no lightweight cologne.  With typical Tauer longevity (which is why I never criticise the price: you pay for quality), Eau D’Epices lasted at least fifteen hours on me and there was still a hint of it on my arm when I woke up.

What lightens it are the bold white notes of Jasmine and, most prominently, Neroli.  As I may have mentioned in earlier posts, I don’t really get on with Neroli when it’s a solo star, but when surrounded by other notes I find it can be showcased beautifully, as it is here.  The Neroli lasts through the top, middle and base notes, and blends into the embers of a typical Tauer base of Vetiver, Ambergris and Incense.

Eau D’Epices changes and evolves throughout the day so that it starts as a bright spicy citrus, morphs into a dusky white floral and ends up as smoky amber embers. My nose can’t leave my wrist alone today.

Speaking of white flowers, I can’t wait to see what the forthcoming Sotto La Luna will be like in September 2014. Gardenia is one of my favourite notes and I can’t wait to see what Andy does with it.

10 thoughts on “Andy Tauer Eau D’Epices: A Sparkling Spice For Summer”

  1. I have had some really squeal-inducing happy news from Andy recently – tell you about it soon.
    Very much looking forward to trying Eau d’Epices!
    And OMG what IS Andy going to do with Gardenia? You know it’s going to be good – even though I’m not usually a White Flowers fan of any description, I trust Andy to take me to a good place.

  2. I haven’t tried any Tauers yet, but this one has just gone to the top of the list. It sounds divine. (My list is starting to get a bit unmanageable. I try to prioritize, but usually my priorities get upended by sales and coupons that seem too good to pass up.) Now I need to search your blog to see if you’ve reviewed Orange Star.

    1. Ah- I haven’t yet and I don’t know why as it’s lovely. I shall put it on my list Laurels! best wishes Samantha

      1. I think you did. Link:

        I may have even read it when it appeared, as I know I read at least one good review of OS, and I can’t remember when I found your blog. (It doesn’t seem to be a general favorite of bloggers. [Orange Star, not IScentYouaDay. I’m going to have to get more sleep.]) It’s (Orange Star) going on my list, too. And congratulations, Lisa Wordbird!

      2. Laurel I am clearly losing my marbles. I have written about 371 reviews now and sometimes I start writing a new one and think “Hmm this sounds familiar” only to find I reviewed it last year. A rather enjoyable occupational hazard!

        Orange Star seems to be divisive, but I loved it.

        warm wishes from wet wales

  3. I love this one but it seems to get a lot less adoration than some of his others. Like you say this has massive longevity and he really makes great perfumes doesn’t he! Can’t wait to try the Gardenia.

    1. I know- I love Gardenia and after seeing what he did with Lily of the Valley in Carillion Pour Un Ange, it looks like I might have another Tauer favourite to enjoy!

  4. OK, I’ll tell you. I’m utterly astonished at my good fortune, actually.
    You know Andy had a raffle (basically) on his blog at Easter to win a Discovery Set of his perfumes? Well I only went and won!!! He emailed me last week to ask which ones I wanted.
    Cor, I tell you those were blooming hard choices to make. But this one is in the set that is making its way to me.
    HOW lovely is Andy Tauer?? He’s such a gent.

    1. I am utterly delighted for you and yet insanely jealous at the same time. What did you pick? I can’t wait to see if you have one I haven’t tried! Andy is so lovely. xxx

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