Whisky and water and a river valley…


Hello, Wordbird here. While IScent is away on her holibobs, she left me the keys to the shop. So when I smelled something nice today, I thought I’d sneak in and tell you about it. She won’t mind. Honest.

I saw a display of some new toiletries in my local House of Fraser store today and had to try a couple of them out. I’d seen a range called Noble Isle in the Latest In Beauty samples that I keep putting into my online basket and then taking back out with a sigh when I remember the gas bill. So I was curious to find out what these rather luxurious bath and shower products actually smelled and felt like.

On the back of my left hand went a dollop of Whisky and Water hand lotion and on the back of my right hand went some Fireside body lotion. Five hours later there are still traces of both when I press my nose to my skin, which is actually looking a little less battered than usual.

I chose well (though pretty arbitrarily) and both are very woody, slightly smoky fragrances. Whisky and Water was absolutely gorgeous – deep woods and an almost incense-like smoke on top of something oaky and peaty that does indeed remind me of whisky. If pressed, I’d say it reminded me of Comme Des Garcons Avignon and their original Eau de Parfum, and the famous Cumming. It would layer perfectly with the gorgeous Aqua Alba from Angela Flanders . This would absolutely suit a man, but I know a lot of women who would enjoy it too. However, at £20 for 250mls, it’s rather too expensive for me to splash out on.

Top notes: Rose, Davana Blossom 
Heart notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Tonka Bean, Amber

Similarly, Fireside body lotion at £25 for 250mls is also too expensive for me; though perfect for Christmas presents, hint hint. I was particularly drawn to this because its second name is ‘Mynwy Valley’, which is pretty much where IScent and I were born and bred (ish). This was brighter and more refreshing, a little greener and more springlike, but still with a woody base that has lingered beautifully. This I would love to have in a perfume, and it’s utterly unisex, in case that sort of thing matters to you. Here’s how they describe it on the Noble Isle website:

“Fireside kindles the warm, spicy aromas of a country inn with cinnamon and cypress oil, comforting vanilla and vitamin-rich organic beet extract. Top notes: Grapefruit, Pink Pepper
Heart notes: Black Pepper, Ginger
 Base notes: Oakmoss, Vanilla”

I liked both very much and would love to try more of them, so I’m happy to give you a link to the Noble Isle website. I would like to smell the Rhubarb Rhubarb next. I wonder if it will make me crumble? (Sorry. I’ll go now.)




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