Look What Arrived In The Post!


Thanks to a tip off from one my commenters over on my article “Gucci Envy: It’ Madness I Tell You”, I am now the proud owner of the above bottle of Gucci Envy (Thanks for the info Kool22!). So busy was I bemoaning the lack of availability since Gucci mindlessly and unreasonably discontinued this back in 2007, that I was unaware a supply had popped up on Amazon. Over to Amazon I went.  Since I had still had some perfume money, sorry, birthday money left (thanks Dad!) I immediately paid the outrageously reasonable sum of £33.94 plus P and P and  was made a very happy woman several days later. I’m not sure how long this supply will last or how many bottles the supplier has, but I am nearly as happy as I would be if it were ever brought back. (Gucci, can you just give me a reason I can understand?  It’s like a break up with no closure.)

In case you were wondering, My bottle is authentic and smells exactly how I remember. The lesson I learned is never give up looking in the most obvious places, you might strike gold one day.

Incidentally, You can Tweet Gucci on @gucci and email them here clientservice-europe@gucci.it


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