The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose: Just Roses. Just Right.


Like good shoes and a good coat, every fragrance wardrobe should have a good rose.  This needn’t break the bank, as The Body Shop Mountain Atlas Rose proves so beautifully.

You may recall my recent review of The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily.  It was excellent quality and being an oil, it does not intrude on the personal space of other people when applied.

Likewise, the Mountain Atlas Rose that I am reviewing today is also in the form of an oil. I often find oils longer lasting than sprays since they don’t contain alcohol, which, in cheaper scents, evaporates quickly on application and sometimes takes the scent with it, if quality is poor. In fact, I tried the spray EDT of Atlas Mountain Rose sometime ago and it disappeared by the time I got home.  The oil is a different story ( and is cheaper!), which is why I have chosen it today.

Rose is a tricky one to get right and I applaud The Body Shop for going back to basics in this case. There is clearly a market for a simple rose scent: Paul Smith Rose is rarely out of the top ten these days, amongst all the fruity-choulis and fruity florals.

Atlas Mountain Rose has several notes: Citrus notes, Rose, Musk and Amber.

Whilst I would say that all these notes are present, they are so minor that they hardly need a mention in the credits.  They serve to round off the corners of a big rose splash and they serve to stop the Rose from getting a bit medicinal, which I find that Rose can sometimes do when untempered and unfettered.

This is a fabulous Turkish Delight style Rose and the faint Musk makes it soft and fuzzy like velvet. Longevity is not quite what I had hoped for from a Body Shop oil. For instance, Body Shop White Musk oil lasts about twelve hours on me (and a bottle lasts a year!). However, I got a decent five hours wear out of Atlas Mountain Rose and at £7.50  a bottle, I’m not complaining at all.

This is an excellent Rose scent for any fragrant wardrobe and I much prefer it to a spray. This is very pretty, does what it says on the tin and is a very good price.

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