This Week’s Latest Avon Release: Avon Femme


There’s an air of mystery in this week’s Avon brochure.  There is a full page advert for a forthcoming perfume with a little silhouette and  a call to “ask your representative for a sample today!”. Well my Avon lady, the lovely Jill, didn’t need to be asked and I had my sample with today’s order.

Top notes are: Lemon, Plum and Violet.

Middle notes: Jasmine, Orchid and Magnolia

Base notes: Amber, Peach, Wood, and Musk. (Thank you Fragrantica)

Avon Femme opens with bold Magnolia and Plum and wouldn’t smell out of place alongside many other shimmering treats on any beauty counter today. It reminded me of both Next Just Pink and Ralph Lauren Romance (another smellalike! It’s hard to stop seeing them once you start looking). One reviewer on Fragrantica compared it to Versace Bright Crystal and I will take their word for it since I am not familiar with many Versaces (yet).

versace bright crystalHowever, and herein lies the rub, as is the case so often with Avon, the basenotes go all Avon-ade on me.  You know how Guerlain perfumes have the Guerlainade accord?  Well the Avonade is always there too, except unlike Guerlain, it’s not very good.  So many Avon perfumes have been ordered by me. So many times my hopes have been raised and dashed. So many of them have ended with the Avonade base which smells like a cross between sweet plastic and cardboard. Sadly, Femme is no exception. One reason for this may be because Avon is are churning out new fragrances at a rate of knots, hence the sarcastic title of this article. In the last two months Avon has launched Instinct, Ultra Sexy, Our Story, Avon True Life, and now Femme.

Another reason could be that their low prices means that they compromise on good ingredients.  This shouldn’t be the case when Coty can churn out the excellent Coty L’Aimant for just over a fiver.  Perfume can be done cheaply and well. Sadly Avon seems to be  just doing it cheaply.

Avon never used to be like this.  They had a great stable of reliable perfumes that were ordered again and again by loyal fans. Foxfire, Topaze, Odyssey and Charisma were just some of my favourites. We could even talk about the delightful bottles which are now collectibles on eBay. (I had a beautiful glass and gold giraffe with Occur in it!)


Wouldn’t it be better if Avon brought back some of their heritage perfumes and made their stable of scents better quality, and with fewer of them?  I feel that we customers are being labelled as having very short attention spans, when most people find something they love and become loyal, if not monogamous, for life.

The only Avon scents I can think of that do not have the Avon accord/Avonade are Soft Musk (which I can’t wear because my mother and my sister wear it) and Rare Diamonds.  The celebrity scents also seem to sidestep the Avonade too, so they’re a safe bet, especially the LaCroix range. Quality not quantity Avon!

I guess I’m saying make me President of Avon Fragrance. Not much to ask. You will find me in the Avon archives for most of the week. Lots of freebies to take home and test.  I can start Monday.


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  1. Ha! I’ll give you my vote! I absolutely agree about quality over quantity these days with Avon. Many perfumistas turn their noses up when Avon is mentioned but back in the day, they sure produced some excellent perfumes. Timeless, Unforgettable, Candid to name a few – they had quality ingredients, especially for the base notes. They do seem to have gone the cheap and cheerful route – yes I get that the IFRA demon has affected them as all houses, but if others can still turn out quality perfumes, then I think they could. I would think that the problem might be trying to keep the prices down for their target demographic – I read a paper from a Harvard source that suggested this was for “women age 25 – 50 years with an average to below average household income” – whatever that is. And when they first started, they specifically targeted stay at home women – with the changing workplace, women are now higher earners, so I’m surprised that Avon hasn’t upped prices to reflec this. Mind you, I’d also imagine that long time Avon fans would balk at paying over $100 for a bottle of perfume as they are long used to lower prices – on the Avon site, I didn’t see anything for over $30 for 1.7 oz.

    1. Hi Sally,

      Thanks for dropping by. Those are some very interesting statistics and I hope Avon aren’t sticking to the demographics they started with. They seem to be targeting under 20s with their playful colours and disposable fragrances, or maybe just beauty editors, whilst we more mature and wiser customers mourn the loss of chypres and Orientals and are thrown a few “Anew” offers to appease us.

      I am not appeased! I also think that yes, I would pay more for a good Avon scent, and also, yes it is possible to buy and make good scent cheaply since Marks and Spencer and Coty both manage it fine.

      It was really interesting reading your comment about Avon history and their intended market, thank you so much for that.

      Best wishes

  2. Now this is very interesting to hear about the Avonade aspect of the Avon perfumes. Since I have yet to smell any of the Avons. That seems a shame to me too that they are not up to snuff as, as you say they used to be. I would really love to smell some of the oldies but goodies. Great review as always.

    1. Hi lanier! Always a pleasure when you drop by.

      There are a handful of exceptions to my Avon theory and I recently bought a set of 20 samples for around 3GBP on ebay so you might be able to do the same, or maybe I’ve put you off!

      There is one good one that they recently released which is called Avon Premiere Luxe and it smells very similar to Armani SI but is only 15GBP.

      To be honest my friend, if you haven’t tried lots of Avon’s modern scents you’re not missing much!

      Warm wishes to you lanier


    1. Dearest Portia,

      Thanks for dropping by. Avon are naughty in their copycat bottles, but they do a good smellalike for Armani Si at only 15 quid. It’s called Avon Premiere Luxe and it’s not bad. I’m not a huge fan of Si, but somebody somewhere will appreciate that tip I hope!

      I await your write up of your London travels. I’m sorry I couldn’t join you, but Lisa and I plan to make you a video message soon!

      warm wishes from Wet Wales


    1. I loved Tasha! My Mum wore that one. I reckon they’d make a killing if they made an Avon Heritage line and brought back some old favourites!

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