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The Marks and Spencer fragrance department is a bit of a favourite stop off when I’m in town.  Sadly my local branch doesn’t carry the full gamut, but I often feel able to  buy myself a purse spray guilt free, especially when they have 20% off like they did yesterday.  Whilst not all of them are great, I can’t call any of them bad, except Florentyna *shudder*, which I can’t be cruel about since it has a steady and loyal fanbase.  For the prices I have paid, I have never been disappointed by a Marks and Spencer perfume.  Overall, they are decent affordable quality.

Today I am reviewing Limited Collection Butterfly, which comes in a pretty bottle and is an unmistakable homage to Marc Jacobs and his Dots and Daisies.

Fresh and light, this makes an ideal scent for a teenager, or for office day wear.  In other words, it’s more shower fresh than provocative or come hither.

Surprisingly, this opens with cucumber.  The surprise here is that usually I can’t bear cucumber in perfume, but this is combined with lemon, grapefruit and apple and smells wonderfully citrussy.  There are many comparisons with the more expensive DKNY Be Delicious, which also opens with lemons and cucumber, and has identical floral notes.


However, just before it comes too “herbal facial wash”, the flowers step in, and some of my favourites too: rose, violet and magnolia.  The magnolia was particularly noticeable.  The base notes are nothing to email home about: amber and musk, and not particularly robust at that.  In fact I would say the base is more violet, citrus and magnolia than anything else.

Longevity is not bad at around four or five hours, and by not bad, I mean that this cost me £2.80 for a 10ml purse spray yesterday, so I’m not going to complain about longevity for that price.

All in all, this is a good buy that I would recommend for young girls testing the path into fragrance, or for day to day wear where sexy isn’t an option. It’s fresh and pretty and will cut through the heat on a muggy day,  if we can remember that far back. I am looking though a rain washed window at a grey rain washed sky as I write this, so we will just have to use our imagination.

5 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Limited Collection: Butterfly”

  1. One of the things I miss about living in the US (even after 28 years!) is M & S. Whenever I come back to my first home, I always make a pilgrimage there. I used to really like their make up remover and you cant seem to get undies like theirs anywhere else ;-). That being said, I have never bought a perfume there – didn’t even know they had them. I’m making a note to ask my sister to pick this up for me so I can give it a try. As we are looking at a winter storm warning over the next few days, it will be something to look forward to and remind me that summer *is* around the corner. Isn’t it????

    1. Dear Sally,

      I’m sorry for your M and S homesickness! It’s a great hub for perfume these days if you can get your sister to visit a larger branch. There she will find Fragonard and Lyn Harris scents. Why not check out the website and get her to pick some good stuff up for you?

      Best wishes

  2. If it makes you feel any better, it is also chilly (below 60•F), gray, and rainy here in Southern California. We can really use the rain, though.

    1. Dear Laurels,

      I have family in California and very lovely they are too. However my uncle recently complained about the humidity on his sojourn in Hawaii and didn’t get much sympathy! I think he was joking.

      Best wishes

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