4160 Tuesdays: Time to Draw The Raffle Numbers

4160 Tuesdays

You may recall my earlier review of a 4160 Tuesdays scent: The Dark Heart of Old Havana. It was a delightful and evocative scent and  today’s scent: Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers, is equally charming.

 4160 Tuesdays is named so because in a lifetime of 80 years, there are 4160 Tuesdays: use them well! The names are characteristically whimsical and so far, from what I have experienced of the line, they seem to me to evoke places and moments.

 The name: if we live until we’re 80, we have 4160 Tuesdays. That’s all. Let’s not waste them. Let’s use them to write, think, make and do lovely things. Or, if that sounds great but you don’t have time, to buy lovely things that other makers have put together.


Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers was inspired by the victory of Sir Bradley Wiggins: “Linden, trees, coffee, marmalade on toast and  a crowd of excited bodies”- says Sarah McCartney. Making my judgement before reading the inspiration, my impressions were: Mr Sheen furniture polish, tea urns, a spilled glass of sherry , dark oak floors and yes, marmalade.

It is quintessentially British, as is our national penchant for having a raffle at any  kind of fundraiser or social occasion. I should know, I’ve been on a Parish Church Council and am now currently a PTA member. Raffle tickets are in my blood!

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The scent is citrussy and sharp, yet dark and mellow.  It gives me a picture in my mind of an aged empty church hall, with a gleaming burnished floor, long after the crowds have gone. 

Longevity is excellent at around eight or nine hours and it would be equally good on a man or a woman.  I would wear it, and I would also be more than pleased if I could get my husband to wear it too.  He gets a bit wary now when I approach him with a glint in my eye saying “try this, give me your arm”. Don’t worry about him though, I make sure he is well stocked with suitable scents of his own.

Sarah McCartney, founder of 4160 Tuesdays has launched a refreshingly interesting line of scents and I look forward to trying some of the other samples in my possession (thank you Lisa, yet again, for the loan!). They are the opposite of High Street mass market scents, but they have a delightful  vividness and nostalgia about them.

If you can’t stretch to a blind buy, you may be interested to know that  several sample sets are available.,wrapped like old fashioned sweets in tissue paper.

A name to watch and a range to make you dream.


You can find 4160 Tuesdays here.  Samples were a kind loan from friend Lisa Jones.

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5 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays: Time to Draw The Raffle Numbers”

  1. She also does a pack of 10ml ‘tasters’ which is ridiculously good value.
    Personally, I’m hooked on Evil Max – a ‘cherry yoghurt chypre’ that has also been described as ‘Robocop’s deodorant’. I care not a jot, I just like wearing it!
    (Also, I’ve met Sarah and she’s lovely. A fellow knitter, too!)

    1. Robocop’s deodorant? Fantastic! Tee Hee, and topical since the première was this week! Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of 4160 Tuesdays and for the loan of the fantastic samples. I hope I am doing them justice. They are very high quality.

    1. Hello Jennifer and welcome!

      I think I have a sample of The Great Randello so I look forward to trying that one. I hope to meet the Maestro one day. I’m loving her work!

      best wishes

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