Prada Candy: Not For Kids


I was charmed by the Prada Candy TV ad campaign over Christmas.  The slightly dodgy but beautiful threesome having a party and the throaty, heavily accented voiceover simply saying “Prada Candy”.  It looked like fun, being them. I guess that was the idea. So anyway, I thought I’d better check it out.

I was bracing myself, as the very word “Candy” makes my heart sink. Was it going to be a Britney?  All candy floss and vanilla and fruit?  Not a bit of it.


This is playful, yet grown up: a bit like the strange and pretty girl in the TV ad. It’s very sweet in the opening notes but thankfully there is no red fruit and vanilla and  cake mix.  Phew! Right from the start though, there is caramel. And something prickly and delicious that had me interested straight away.  Well, who would have though it? It’s my old friend Benzoin, whose heated, resin-y tones I  am always pleased to stumble across.  It is the Benzoin that makes me take this seriously.

(NB not to be confused with Benylin, as that’s cough mixture)

Yes, there is Caramel, and a bit of sexy Musk, but the Benzoin really radiates through the base notes so that anyone asking what your scent was might be surprised, like me, to find the word Candy in it.

The Caramel sweetness makes Prada Candy start like a ditzy blonde and bed down into a husky voiced newsreader wearing stockings under the desk.

It’s most definitely worth a second look, and then a third.


5 thoughts on “Prada Candy: Not For Kids”

  1. I tried this once and thought it was pleasant but underwhelming. I will obediently give it a second look, maybe on a warm day when its lightness will seem like a plus for me. (Although your mention of sexy musk makes me wonder if I just can’t smell part of it. It’s funny how discovering an anosmia makes one distrustful of one’s perceptions.)

    1. Dear Laurels, thank you so much for popping in, as ever, you are most welcome.

      Unusually, this only lists three notes, so I guess if you can’t smell one of them, you won’t be getting value for money! I often have the same experience with perfumes where I can either not smell a note at all, or I smell notes that aren’t there.

      It’s a funny old think, fragrance.

  2. Candy is gorgeous!
    I love the scent, I have it – I mean my mum has it. I sometimes borrow it and layer with a leathery perfume like Cuir Ottoman to make it more masculine.
    And I just love the commercials for both Candy and Candy L’Eau flanker. Lea Seydoux is so funny there.

    1. Dear lucasai, thanks for dropping by! I love the idea of layering this with something leathery. What a great idea. You totally have the right job!

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