Tauer Incense Rose: I Could Never Leave You


It’s hard for me to pick a favourite Tauer: it changes day by day. However, if a cruel person made me only choose one, it would be Incense Rose.

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I have been looking at a lot of rose perfumes recently but this one makes the rose smell so unique, whilst keeping its characteristics.

It opens with a blast of sparkling aldehydes. If Rose and Bergamot were made into sparkling lemonade this is what it would smell like. The opening phase lasts and lasts and then starts to change and move into ecclesiastical territory- which is fine by me as I am huge fan of Comme Des Garcons Series 3 Avignon and I do love a bit of church.  The incense here is High Church and High quality.  I have sat through enough High Masses to vouch for this.

The incense is rich and resinous and makes me think of ancient stone walls and that particular hushed atmosphere of a cathedral.  The rose is still there, but it’s not a pretty rose with frills and lace.  It is the peppery, paper like rose petals that you would find in a good pot pourri. The leaves are faded and fragile, but the scent of rose is there- spicy and dry.

Civray Church, Poitou Charente-my own photo

The third phase would please any fan of Andy Tauer’s L’Air Du Desert Marocain (or LADDM to fans).  The scent has now become smoky and dry, like the desert mentioned, but still the rose lingers.  What started as a light, zingy aldehyde has matured as the day has worn on, and become a Grand Dame of aged smoky Rose petals. I love a perfume that tells a story and changes as my day changes.  It begins with light optimism and energy and ends as a smoky, sandy sunset with the prickles of petals fading as the scent finally gives up after a fourteen hour day.

As usual with Tauers, ingredients are top quality and longevity is unbeatable.  Wear this and bloom.


If you are in the UK, you can buy  both 2ml Tauer samples and full bottles from  Les Senteurs.  In Europe, try the Tauer website, and in the USA, try LuckyScent and even Amazon.com for a slection of Tauer fragrances.


8 thoughts on “Tauer Incense Rose: I Could Never Leave You”

  1. I’m so totally with you on the Andy Tauer love. His perfumes just seem to sing more clearly than most others. I love them and like you, any bottle would be received with joy, but I do love his incenses more than anything else. LDDM is a big favourite of mine, but I must re-try Incense Rose after your gorgeous review. x

    1. Why thank you my dear. The end of this is very LADDM and I like the roses go sort of dusty and nostalgic. Like you, I wouldn’t turn down any FB of a Tauer, but this one is really special.

      Oh and isn’t it amazing how he makes Rose smell so different? Compare this to Phi and you would think it was a different flower!

  2. Incense Rose is one of the Tauer’s perfumes that didn’t work for me at all when I tried it for the first time but since, as you mentioned, longevity is unbeatable, I’m afraid to test it again (but maybe I should give it another try…).

    My favorite rose from the same line is Une Rose Vermeille. LDDM is another favorite of mine. And recently Phi has started winning me over.

    1. Hello Undina and thank you for dropping by!

      I would say that if you like LADDM you might want to give Incense Rose another go as the final phase is very similar. Treat yourself to some samples!

  3. Ouch, before reading this post I ordered the sample of Une Rose Chypre & air-du-desert-marocain. I have read your review on Desert & based on that recommendation I ordered it but I don’t see your review on Une Rose. Just curious to know your take on it. Also, have you tried Empire D Perfume line? I ordered the sample of Iskander & Azzemour. Let me know your opinion.
    Lot of love

  4. Great review. I loved this perfume right from the first sniff. It’s a sillage monster as well (in a good way). This is one of the few perfumes that I get compliments from. Just as well there’s one ….

    1. Hi megan and thanks fro stopping by. The longevity is a collossus. I think I mentioned it being 14 hours, but in fact the next day after a good shower, it was till a little bit there, making it a 24 hour scent!

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