CB I Hate Perfume: Winter 1972


CB I Hate Perfume was founded by Christopher Brosius, a former taxi driver who rebelled against the suffocating scents that filled his cab. It’s great news for us that he felt that way because CB I Hate Perfume is a unique brand that breaks the mould.

His scents are more about capturing a memory or a mood in a bottle, rather than having the singular aim of making you smell pretty.  Such a concept is refreshing and I look forward trying more.

CB I hate Perfume Winter 1972 is a delightful scent that immediately evoked a very visual memory.  It is, to me at least, the smell of lying in a cosy bed next to a damp, rather mildewy window on a cold night. I love perfumes that take to me to a place or a moment, and they have a definite role to play, in the same vein as Demeter’s scents of realism.

The notes in Winter 1972 are simple: soil, wood and sea.  The soil tincture is certainly the most dominant, with it’s earthy slightly “off” smell which combines beautifully with the Wood and the Sea.  It reminds me of wet bracken on a damp winter walk.

 CB I Hate Perfume also provides samples at 3GBP each, which is another quality that endears them to me.  Often large bottles are too expensive to take a blind buy gamble with, so I always like it when niche brands offer this service.

CB I Hate Perfume Winter 1972 is available from the UK Cult Beauty website or from the CB IHatePerfume website if you are in the US.

One thought on “CB I Hate Perfume: Winter 1972”

  1. I heartily agree about the samples. A full bottle of most CB IHatePerfumes runs to the 200 quid mark, so it’s not something you can just pick up at a whim!
    I was desperate to smell quite a few of Christopher Brosius’ scents – In the Library was one (how amazing to wander around smelling like a book?!?) and another was Russian Caravan Tea, just because I love the sound of it. I remember liking them both, but not enough to spring for a whole bottle.

    As it happens, a chum of mine is a real bargain-hunter where the perfume world is concerned and he spotted a bottle of Mr Hulot’s Holiday in a sale for twenty quid. Bless him! Obviously it now belongs to me and you must have a honk! Salty leather. Absolutely unique.

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