Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Moto: If This is a Beach, I’m Not Staying


  Comptoir Sud Pacifique is a French brand of fragrance which aims to “inspire travel” though their scent range. Widely available online, it is slightly trickier to get hold of in shops, but is nevertheless reasonable value at between 20GBP and 40GBP for 100ml.

 I can only speak for the one I have tried and not the rest of the brand, so today I am reviewing Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Moto. However, since I have seen they also make scents with such tempting names as Haiti Vetyver and Aloha Tiare, I am still determined to try others in the range.

 Aqua Moto opens with Sea notes and Sand.  So far so good. However, I think it must be the inclusion of Imortelle that somehow reminds me of my last visit to the vet. For my cat, you understand, not for me.  There is a slight animal and antispectic combo about Aqua Moto that I simply cannot shake off.

 Imortelle is a plant native to France, so it seems only fitting to include it since this is very much the smell of a French beach.  It has a tang of curry and toast (as dear  old Fragrantica reliably informs me). But there is something not right here. An “off note” is present and I can’t quite locate it.  Is it the seaweed?  The Imortelle? The sandy note?  I don’t know, but all I can think of is “I must take the kittens to the vet” and really, that’s not what I want perfume to do for me.

Having said that, it’s a range worth checking out and the website is pretty good.  You can find better prices on and you can even find it on Amazon.


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  1. I have loved the brand since the first time I set foot in their Paris boutique. Love the turquoise and brown color scheme, and they even have a fragrance called Turquoise that is most unique. However, the scents are not for everyone. I find many overpowering, and some just too sweet for my taste. But some are memorable….keep trying!

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