Avon Little Red Dress: This Is A Dress I Would Wear


 As much as I witter on about fruity florals being every bleedin’ where, in Avon Little Red Dress, I have found one I rather like, almost to my surprise.

 Opening with Plum, Raspberries and Citrus Fruits, it beds down into Rose and Jasmine and is really a very pretty and playful daytime scent.  For some reason I find it a happy feel good fragrance , and for some reason I really like it, despite going against the grain of my usual mutterings and about fruit’n’flower all-in-ones.

This is from an Avon series that includes Little Black Dress, Little Red Dress and Little Gold Dress. I haven’t tried Little Gold Dress, so I cannot vouch for it.  Little Black Dress used to be an Avon favourite but the basenote went a bit bland and waxy on my skin.  However, I tried it again recently and it was pleasant again, so maybe they’ve had an update.

All in all, Little Red Dress is good value at around £8 a bottler with a range of accessories such as body cream, talc, and a purse spray. Longevity is not bad at around four hours, and if you carry the purse spray then a lunch time top up should last you the rest of the day.

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