Happy Christmas to all my cherished readers!

Since I began my blog on 2nd January 2013, I have encountered some amazingly kind readers, many of whom have shared their knowledge and expertise with me, as well as their shared experiences. Fellow bloggers have also been very generous and gracious in linking to my site and allowing me to link to theirs, as well as taking the time to leave comments and suggestions. Then there is the selfless Lisa Wordbird who  simply handed over her covetable collection of samples  and FBs as soon as she heard I was writing a blog. I would also like to thank Mr iScent, who has just presented me with a Prada Infusion D’Iris eau de parfum gift set.

It all means so very much to me and has really helped me on this fragrant journey of understanding that has been joyfully unravelling under my nose.

May you know the pain of laughter and the joy of tears in 2014. You are treasured.

Nadolig Llawen from Wales





13 thoughts on “Happy Christmas to all my cherished readers!”

  1. What a wonderful gift, Samantha! Enjoy wearing this sublime scent (one of my absolute favourites) and have a wonderfully perfumed Christmas. Scentcerely yours, Géraldine.

    1. Dear lucasai, you are always so warmly welcomed. Thank you for following me! I’m not sure I can do 365 reviews by 2nd January? Will you still believe in me if I don’t?

      Best wishes

  2. Merry Christmas, darling girl. You do justice to that big box o’fun I’d amassed over a few years of obsession. Please keep blogging next year, because I love reading your reviews – you make me think about things very differently. x

    1. Thank you my love. Your collections have been cherished and cared for. I will keep blogging next year, if only because I haven’t finished my 365 reviews as promised! I like the Dandy’s idea of 1001 perfumes. I might do that.

  3. If the Dandy’s 1001 idea will keep you writing then I’m all in favour. I enjoy your authentic opinions and look forward to reading more.
    All the best in the New Year.

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