Gucci Guilty: J’accuse!


I am still in a sulk with Gucci.  They discontinued Gucci Envy, for no good reason, and despite much clamouring from devoted fans, there do not seem to be any moves to bring it back. Our money is ready to leave our banks accounts in return for a bottle of Envy, but Gucci has taken its football away and gone home.

In the meantime, they bring out Gucci Guilty and expect us Envy fans to like that instead.

Gucci Guilty costs around 40GBP for 30ml of EDT.  It’s the EDT that I am sampling today.  I have given it two chances.  The first time, I didn’t like it and found it generic and uninspiring.  The second time, well, I tried it again and what do you know?  I found it even more generic and uninspiring.

It opens with Lilac, which normally would be a good thing if it weren’t so synthetic.  What follows is a kind of vanilla/white flower effect made with unapologetically cheap smelling ingredients.  It beds down into fake flowers and Peaches. There is a hint of light Patchouli and Amber in the base, but it’s not very nice, what with all the Peaches, Oranges and Pink Pepper going on.

It reminded me of Paco Rabanne Lady Million, and Jimmy Choo Flash, and Armani Si, as well as a whole bunch of generic Avon perfumes.

There is nothing remotely original or exciting about this and I honestly can’t think of anything good to say about it.  All I want to say is this:  bring back Gucci Envy!

PS I do quite like one of the Gucci Floras but I can’t remember which one.

2 thoughts on “Gucci Guilty: J’accuse!”

  1. So true IScent! Haven’t heard from Gucci yet & probably will never as it seems Gucci Envy is their abandoned child & they want to get over with it as quickly as possible not even want to address it’s loyal fans.

  2. Dearest Iscent
    Gucci is now part of Procter & Gamble the detergent behemouth.
    I’m afraid there’s no way back for Envy (the male version is equally to be missed) and little of anything other than the generic coming out of this tiny division of the consumer products giant.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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