Aquolina Pink Sugar: Candy for Grown ups


Providing yet another example of how  all perfumes deserve more than one chance, I have been proved wrong yet again, this time by Aquolina Pink Sugar. I recently dismissed Pink Sugar as another candy floss scent but my dear friend Lisa Wordbird prompted me to take another look.  She was right about it.  It’s not a typical candy floss scent.  Aquolina has come at this from a different angle.

First of all the sugar in it is gourmet for grown ups.  There’s no ice cream like scent, no cheap vanilla cake flavouring, it’s more like sophisticated burnt maple sugar, with a caramel tang.

Opening notes claim to be fruity, but I did not find any Bergamot or Oranges anywhere as promised, and I can usually pick a citrus out like a bloodhound.

What makes this interesting, is a distinct note of vinyl, like a plastic doll’s head.  This gives me the impression that it‘s not taking itself too seriously.  It’s an ironic nod to fruity florals and has shrugged off the tendency to smell like a hundred other perfumes by offering a Demerera cube with your coffee, instead of a bowl of white sugar.  It may have a teenage market, but  with a mischievous wink, it’s making them smell like the dollies they so recently tossed aside.

This is one of those scents that I like and admire but don’t want to wear.  It’s a new take on pink and girly scents,  but it has brains.  Germaine Greer could get away with it beautifully.

Aquolina Pink Sugar is available on for just 15.95.


4 thoughts on “Aquolina Pink Sugar: Candy for Grown ups”

  1. Ha-ha! It’s OK, isn’t it? I mean, not what I’d choose for a high-powered business meeting, but really pleasant. I remember Luca Turin’s review of YSL’s Tresor (I think) comparing it to the blonde woman he saw on the Tube wearing a t-shirt that said in large letters across her bust ‘All this’ and underneath in small letters ‘and brains too’. Pink Sugar is a bit like that, I think. 🙂

    1. My dearest Wordbird. You are so right, yet again. “All this and brains too”. I foolishly forgot to mention the fig, which enhances this without going into the dreaded “Womanity” category.

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