Valentino V Été : Violets, Roses, Musk and um…Lychee


I haven’t tried many Valentino scents, but I recently bought some samples of Valentino V Été  from eBay.  I was initially put off as one of the phials had leaked everywhere and I got a bit sick of the smell, however, wearing this on skin has changed my mind.

This is a scent that is delicate and feminine, yet the Musk undertow stops it been too “candy girl”.  It opens with Violets and Roses: lots of Roses.  Two types to be precise. Violets are one of my favourite notes, so I was very pleased to meet them again. This is very summery, without being ocean fresh (*shudder*) or astringent. It’s more of a floral bouquet than a spritz on a hot summer’s day.  I have to use the power of my memory here as it is misty and gloomy outside here in Wales.

I do feel that they could have left the Lychee out: it brings nothing to the party and interferes with my enjoyment of the Rose/Violet combo, which was fine as it was, thank you. The base notes die down into a steady, long lasting Woody Musk with an overall veil of Rose over it all.

Longevity is decent at around five hours, and availability is not wide, although I did find it on Amazon UK. It really would be a lovely scent if it wasn’t for that damn Lychee.


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