Elizabeth Arden Spiced Green Tea: A Cologne with Bite


 Despite not actually liking the Green Tea note in Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, I am a fan of several of it’s flankers.  For example, Green Tea Revitalize reminds me of Clinique Happy, with the Green Tea firmly in the background and smelling more like Bergamot than Tea anyway.  Spiced Green Tea is another excellent scent that is much beloved of this Green Tea Dodger. I see that a Green Tea Camellia flanker has come out, and I long to try it.

 Today’s review is about Elizabeth Arden Spiced Green Tea, created by the legendary Francis Kurkdjian. This reminds me of Clarins Eau Ressourcante: they are both fresh colognes with a little spice.


The notes in Spiced Green Tea include Rhubarb (which I can’t smell), Green Tea, of course, which is not dominant, then Ginger, Lemon and Incense.  And don’t forget the Lemon Verbena, which really makes its presence felt.

This goes on light but settles to an airy, spiced Patchouli. The Lemon keeps it fresh and crisp, never going over to the sultry side. Despite being cologne-like I find I prefer this in winter, when strong spice feels too heavy under a blazing blue Autumn sky, but this feels just right somehow.

Priced at under £30 for 100ml, I consider this excellent value, and I am surprised that many bottles are on eBay as I have been going through a Spiced Green Tea phase lately where I haven’t wanted to wear any other fragrance: very unusual for a fragrance tart like me who’ll try anything and move on within a day.

Mr Kurkdjian triumphs again. When does he ever not?

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden Spiced Green Tea: A Cologne with Bite”

  1. I totally agree about the similarity to Eau Ressourcante – I love them both but like you I find the Spiced Tea SO much more affordable. I like it for daytime and I find it slightly rosy too, as if it was gently aromatherapeutic. I discovered the Clarins fragrance in Duty Free when I was having a really stressful flight (ah the joyous combo of claustrophobia and panic attacks!) and I felt that it calmed me right down and helped me stay calm. I started the habit of wearing it in stressful situations and now my bottle is empty, I wear Spiced Green Tea instead. Lovely stuff.

    1. I really like your allusion to aromatherapy. I have been a bit stressed lately and maybe that’s why I’ve been wearing it for nearly a week.

      PS I didn’t know you didn’t like flying. I love flying but go to bits when I have to sit in a driving seat, whereas as you are a great and fearless driver.

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