Thierry MuglerAngel Aqua Chic 2013: Well Blow Me Down With a Feather


My views on Angel are written elsewhere in my blog.  I’m pretty much on the anti Angel side of the battleground and battleground it is, since its critics and apologists seem equally vehement.

The thought of Angel Aqua Chic filled me with horror and I thought I would only ever try it as a joke.  I’m not keen on Aquatic scents and putting that idea next to the bombastic Angel was more than my nose could take.

However, here’s a surprise:  it’s not that bad.  That is to say that the chocolate note has gone and has been replaced by Raspberry Blossom.  On first application, when still wet, the fruit is so cloying and sweet it almost peaks, as if it is overripe and about to burst.  However, as it calms down a bit (and it needs to, believe me!), I have a perfectly acceptable fruity perfume with a definite Patchouli base and a hint of rather delicate flowers.

I have spent a lot of energy spouting off against fruity-florals and fruity-choulis and I am relieved that the tide is turning somewhat.  However, there is room for a little Raspberry or Blackcurrant in my life when it is done right.  I often find Strawberries and Cherries can be overkill and border on candy floss (and don’t get me started on peaches and pineapple!), but the Raspberry Blossom in Angel Aqua Chic seems to be about right.

It’s not my usual cup of tea, but it’s certainly not repellent as I imagined it would be.  It is most definitely an improvement on the original Angel, although I wouldn’t be so rude as to wear this in a small crowded space.

Oh and the good news is that there’s not a whiff of Aqua.

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